Spring Cleaning: Top Tips to Follow for Perfectly Clean Beauty Items


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With the great influence of bloggers and YouTubers sharing their favourite beauty products and the overall growing popularity of makeup, beauty and hair products, women today are spending large amounts of money on beauty products and tools, however, are less conscious about cleaning their beauty items and are neglecting their makeup treasures. This blogpost will outline some hints and tips that will help you take good care of your cosmetic and beauty items.

First of all, let our improvised tutorial begin with the expiration dates of some of your beauty items, which even cleaning won't be able to save: You can keep using your mascara and acne pads if they are used for less than two to three months; liquid eyeliner, liquid concealer, face creams and face washing products are durable up to one year. For one and a half years are usable lip gloss and cream eyeshadow. The duration of eye and lip pencils, lipstick, nail polish and powder eyeshadow is up to two years. Shampoos, conditioners, perfumes and hairspray are good to be used not more than three years. After you check everything, you can safely throw away the ones that are expired.

Roll up your sleeves now, it is time to start the cleaning process of your beauty items. As a starting point, you should clean your makeup bag, it could get really messy in there. Take out all of the contents of your makeup bag and then turn it inside out. Use wipes to clean it and you are done. 

Here are some basic points to follow in the process of cleaning your makeup items:
  • Get a lighter and your eyelash curler. For no more than ten seconds expose the eyelash curler to the fire and then wipe it with tissue. Also replace the pads of your eyelash curler every three to four months;
  • To clean your lipstick, you only need to put it in the freezer. Leave it for one night and this way bacteria and germs will be gone;
  • Isopropyl alcohol can be used for disinfecting your razor and any metal tools you have;
  • A pretty easy way to clean your sponges is to use any kind of soap, even shampoo gets the work done in no time, just wash them with it (I've even heard that beauty blenders in a microwave safe jug, a splash of water and some washing up liquid and a quick 20 seconds in the microwave gets your sponges looking like new - I'm yet to try that though!)
  • Cleaning your makeup brushes: put a little bit of liquid soap (you can even use dish soap) on your hand and gently rub the bristles of your brush on it, then place them under warm water. Finally, leave the brush to air dry; if the handle of your brush is wooden, you should place the handle a little bit higher to avoid its deformation;
  • Using a toothbrush will help you to clean the dirt in the back of your hair dryer;
  • For cleaning any kind of pencil you have, just sharpen it a little and you are ready. If your pencils are retractable, dip them into a container filled with some rubbing alcohol for half a minute and leave them to air dry;
  • It may sound a little bit strange, but your eyeshadow needs cleaning, too. Remove the top layer of your eyeshadow with dry tissue and then spray a little rubbing alcohol over it. Leave it to dry and the germs will be killed;
  • Your hairbrush also has to be cleaned. Remove the excess hairs with a sharp object and that will do. You can also put a wipe or tissue on it, and remove it in a few days with the hairs.
Most of these cleaning processes must be done weekly. Some beauty products are impossible to clean and you better get rid of them after you have used them long enough, or if any problems occur. Mascara, for example, has to be changed every three months because this beauty product is the one which can easily cause a negative reaction or infect your eyes.

Are you guilty of neglecting your beauty products when cleaning?

*This post was written in conjunction with Superb Cleaning Services London*

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