Mini Reviews*: Skincare - Hydraluron, Philosophy Purity, Foreo Luna and LABS Galvanic Device


Recently I've had the opportunity to try out some new skincare devices so I thought I'd share my first impressions with you in the form of some mini reviews. ..
Hydralauron Moisture Gel/ £24.99/
I had never tried a moisture jelly or gel for that matter and now I wouldn't go back. This sinks in virtually instantly leaving no sticky residue meaning that you can apply makeup straight away. Don't be fooled though, this is still just as good at hydrating my skin as a thicker cream moisturiser but without the oiliness.  The gel also has a soothing and cooling effect which is great on my sensitive skin and is dispensed very conveniently from a pump meaning no mess. A wonder product and one that I can thoroughly recommend.
Philosophy Cleanser /£28.50/
Considering this is supposed to be a 3 in 1 product, I find myself using 3 other products after using this in order to fully cleanse my skin. When I use this I find myself using other products to remove mascara, remove my makeup and leave my skin feeling clean. This takes at least 3 cotton pads to only partly remove my makeup and leaves an oily residue on my skin.  Because of this, I feel its a wasted step to use this in my regime.  Despite this, this doesn't irritate my skin or hasn't broken me out but unfortunately as this doesn't leave my face feeling fresh or makeup free I shall not be repurchasing nor would I recommend this cleanser.

Foreo Luna, /£145/
Reading all of the positive reviews I am questioning whether I am in fact using the wrong cleansers with this as I don't seem to be getting the same positive results. Instead I find that this just moves cleansing product and any remaining makeup around my face so have to follow with a toner. That being said, the silicone bristles haven't irritated my skin and I haven't experienced a 'purging' stage. Also, this does leave your skin with a different type of 'clean' that you'd normally get after cleansing meaning that any product that you use after this is much more effective. This is definitely a product you'd have to try before you invested a large sum of money.
LAB Galvanic Cleansing and Toning Device / £125.00/
I feel that the poor instructions that come with this have meant I haven't seen its full potential. To me this just seems to add hassle to my routine as it is hard to see the results straight away and there is little information online on how to best use a product like this. When I have used this though, on the biowave setting, I have felt small electric like shocks on my face hence I am unsure as to whether this is normal. Because of the reasons above, I have found myself neglecting this device and hope that somebody is able to shed light onto the correct useage of this product so that I can see the visible results that everybody else seems to rave on about.
Have you tried any of these recently? What are your thoughts on mini-reviews?
Let me know!
Beth xx
P.S Part 2 Mini Reviews Makeup Edition is soon to come...

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