Loreal 3 in 1 Purifying Micellar Solution


This was the first Micellar Solution I had tried and was very disappointed. Unfortunately it took far too many cotton pads to remove only part of my makeup and in doing so left a residue on my skin instead of leaving it soothed and toned. I also think that this broke me out instead of clearing up impurities.

The packaging and price I am not a fan of either. For around £5, this cleansing water lasted a few weeks at most and the rectangular bottle and plastic cap made application difficult. It also meant lots of product was wasted.That being said, this was gentle on my sensitive skin and eyes but gentle strokes alone were not enough and rubbing my skin to get my makeup off was therefore necessary. I shall not be repurchasing and instead shall continue to buy my much preferred Garnier alternative.

Beth xx

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