Empties of 2013: December


Merry Christmas everybody! I hope you had a fabulous day and that Santa was very generous followed by pigging out on lovely christmas food - at least thats what I did! Seeing as we are swiftly approaching the end of 2013 I thought that I would finally get around to concluding my years empties as my empties box has now reached 25 products and is in dire need of recycling. I don't know if these posts will continue into the new year but do let me know if you enjoy them!

Mac Studio Sculpt Foundation - Despite hearing raves about this, I really didn't like it. For me,  it was far too oily, cakey and didn't blend. It transferred far too easy too. Shall not be repurchasing.

Rimmel Clear Complexion Powder - I love Rimmel Stay matte Powder and this is just as great. Its not cakey, matte-ifies and keeps your face that way. Definite repurchase.

MUA Shade 17 Pink Eyeshadow - For £1 this worked great as a brow highlight and for blending out colour in the crease. If I were ever to miraculously run out of flesh coloured eyeshadows I would buy this again.

Max Factor Masterpiece Max Mascara - I loved this mascara, it didn't dry out, lengthened my eyelashes and the plastic wand was very easy to use. Again, if I were every to run out, this would get a repurchase 

Balmi Lip Balm- I've had hundreds of these over the past 12 months and bad packaging aside, these are great lip balms and ones I always reach for when they're chapped. 

Collection Concealer - I have already repurchased this and always will do. It has great coverage, lasts and doesnt crease. If you haven't tried this, you need to.

Mac Soft and Gentle - I knew I loved this but it wasnt until I had a few weeks in between finishing this and getting a new one that I realised how much I loved this and that nothing matches to it. It is such a pigmented highlighter and easy to wear and what's more, it lasts all day. I shall definitely keep buying this and if you haven't swatched or tried this, get to the MAC counter, now!

Barbara Daily Blusher - Its such a shame that this has been discontinued as I loved the colour and texture. It was smooth to apply and was a very similar shade to Nars Zen and Sleeks contour kit. If this every returns to the high street I shall repurchase.

Ojon Shampoo - This did a great job at detangling and cleansing my hair without ruining my scalp. It also smelt great. A little pricey for everyday but great for a treat.

Bristow Hairspray - This did have a tendency to leave your hair crispy however kept my hair in place if tied up and doesnt cost too much, it also brushes out too. If I'm ever in a hairspray pickle, I would buy this again.

Derma v10 Noisturiser - For its very affordable price, this did a great job at keeping my skin hydrated and leaving a smooth base for my makeup however I don't know if this has been too strong for my skin and has broken me out and for that reason will reach for other moisturisers over this.

Kokora G Shampoo- If you have read my review you will be able to see how much I loved this shampoo. Although, occassionally, I didnt find this deep cleansing enough for my oily hair, for the most part this worked great as a non irritating shampoo on my irritable scalp and one I'd buy again.

Batiste Brunette Dry Shampoo- I used to be a huge fan of the tropical scent however this has pipped it to the post as the texture is much nicer and it does a much better job at soaking up the oil in your hair whilst not looking white in your hair.

Phil Smith Dry Shampoo- This, on the other hand, I was not a fan of. Unfortunately this didnt add any volume nor soak up oil but instead was an aerosol dandruff spray. Shall not be repurchasing.

Nip and Fab Hydrating Mask - I wasnt overly enthused by this as it just felt heavy and clogging on my skin. Would not try again.
Yon Ka samples - These samples I recived a while ago and although I would never spend £100 on the full size, the tea tree scent was very refreshing and it did a great job of hydrating my skin.

Eygptian Magic - This was very bizaree but intriguing - It was like covering my face in a badly scented vaseline but nevertheless sunk in slightly better and was hydrating. I will probably stick to e45 if I get dry skin in the future though.

Loreal Micellar Water - This, I was really disappointed with. I ended up using loads of the water to still find myself having to cleanse with another cleanser or toner. I also found that It broke me out in spots after having clear skin. The packaging was also impractical. I would not recommend this.

Skinetica - Skinetica works great as a toner as it removes even difficult makeup. Although it is overpriced, you can always rely on this if other toners fail, much more so than the Loreal water.
Amie Cleansing Wash -I have never tried a cream wash and don't know what I think of them. In my mindset, despite them being bad for your skin, if it doesn't lather its not deep cleansing enough and for that I often found myself double cleansing to get my face clean.

Pure Face Wash - This was far too watery for me and the scent wasn't pleasant. It also didn't foam up well to clean my skin. Not a repurchase.

Nip and Fab Facial Wash - This wasn't anything special about this and it didn't do too much to my skin. If this was sold separately I would not be repurchasing.

Neutrogena 2 in 1 Wash and Mask- Like my Soft and Gentle and Collection Concealer, when this runs out I am completely lost which is why I have already stocked up. Its very deep cleaning and versatile and helps to keep my skin under control, I highly recommend it.

Tea Tree Cleansing Wipes - These I wasn't keen on at all. They had a really unpleasant smell, had dried out really quickly at took at least 3 wipes to remove your blusher. Shall not be buying face wipes again.

Cetaphil Body Wash- I loved using this if I was having a dry skin day as it is full of moisturisers and creates tiny frothy bubbles that are soft and delicate on the skin. Although this wasn't as deep cleansing as I like, if I were ever to get dry and sensitive skin again I would repurchase.

Totals: (2013)

Yep, you have read correctly.  This year I have managed to use up 116 items, 27 of which were makeup. I am personally really happy that I have used so much as it helps to show that I am using the items that I buy or that are gifts.

What are your thoughts on empties posts? How many have you used this year?

Beth xx

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  1. I swear I use up my products so slowly - well done for getting through all of yours!

  2. Love posts like this :) I completely agree on the studio sculpt foundation, it feels ridiculously heavy on your face and I really didn't like the way it looked either. As for the collection concealer, i will also always repurchase it, such a bargain for the quality!
    Happy holidays! Saida xx


  3. It's funny how everyone gets on differently with different products, I'm really liking the L'oreal Micellar Water at the moment! x

    Maddy from UNSTITCHEDD

  4. Wow, awesome empties! I'm really trying to use up more makeup items this year! :)


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