About Me: 25 Random Facts


Hello! Today I thought that I would write a long overdue post - a post about me ! Seeing all these facts about me posts recently made my realise that my readers probably don't know that much about me and what better way to tell you all about me than I tag of 25 random facts!

1. I am 16
2. I play the flute and have done for 7/8 years I think
3. I live on a farm
4. I have almost been blogging for 2 years and love it!
5. One rather pet peeve of mine is Smoking
6. Until Year 8 I hardly touched makeup I now wear it almost everyday
7. I am currently obsessed with Nutella and have almost finished a jar in less than a week
8. I am 5 foot 5
9. I have never had a piercing, not even my ears, and don't plan to
10. I have a phobia of Needles
11. I have never dyed my hair and only plan to when I need to
12. My natural hair colour is brown/blonde
13. I love going shopping but often come home with nothing
14. One of my aims in life is to go to L.A Imats
15. I would love to go to a blog meetup but feel that I am too young ( plus I'm really shy!)
16. I am pale skinned ( lighter than Mac NW15)
17. I love Options Hot Chocolate
18. I have a crush on Olly Murs despite the 12 year age gap
19. When I was younger I had to wear a patch on my eye
20. At school English is my worst subject but I love writing about beauty
21. I have a 13 year old sister
22. I share a birthday with AThriftyMrs (Elle) and FashionRocksMySocks (Rhiannon)
23. I prefer watching youtube to watching TV
24.I went to the Olympics last year and loved it!
25. I'm forever dreaming of owning a mulberry bag!

Those were 25 random facts about me! I hope you enjoyed reading this post and i've loved reading similar posts recently so please link me to those.

Do you have any questions about me?Let me know!

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  1. It seems we do :)


  2. I'm 16 and am going to a blogging meetup(hopefully) at the end of the month! I've met two blog friends before and it's so great, you should go to one! x

  3. Loved this! Nice to find out more about you! xxx

  4. I've always wanted to go to IMATS! thanks for sharing!

  5. Love these!!! :D Thank you for stopping by my blog :)xx
    Gem ♥ | Miss Makeup Magpie

  6. Loving your blog but you forgot to mention that you sit next to an amazing person called Megan in band.... JS :P xxx

  7. This comment has been removed by the author.


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