Whats in my bag - Zumba Edition


A month ago I joined my local Zumba class and have been loving it. I thought that some of you may be interested in what I take along with me.

What I carry:
Water Bottle ( not shown) - This is essential as zumba is very active
Purse - I keep this purse exclusive to carry my loose change to pay for my class
Tissues - Just in case I have hayfever or a cold
Body Spray - To refresh after a long sweaty class
Deodorant ( not shown) - Again, to refresh
Snack (Raisins) - Sometimes I need a snack to follow the fitness class so these are a precaution
Face Cloth - I use this to wipe my face clean
Comb - To brush my hair before I tie it up
Bobble - To tie my hair up
Hand Gel - To clean my hands if I feel icky
Moisturiser - To moisturise my hands or face
Cosmetic Bag - To keep all of my gubbins in

Thats what I carry - What do you take with you to a fitness class?

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  1. interesting post :)



  2. Wonderful post dear :)

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