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Last weekend I popped my car boot cherry and set out with my mum to sell some clutter that had gathered around my house. Being very new to the boot sale scene I resorted to google to find some tips and found some very helpful posts that helped me on my car boot venture and I found that as the day went on I found some useful tips myself that may be of interest to you.

Get there early – As we arrived very early (6.45) on Sunday morning we found a couple of people lingering around the car as we began to unload our boot. If you are on your own you may find this intimidating so the earlier you get there the better

Take a table – This is an essential as you need somewhere to put the items that you’re selling. I recommend a pasting or trestle table for this. We also used the crates that were used to transport the items for displaying the items which also worked well.

Take a clothes rail and hangers – If selling clothes, a rail is the best way. I didn’t take one and regretted it as soon as I arrived. I left my clothes in a box for customer to look through but this wasn’t practical.

Take carrier bags and newspaper – You can never take too many carrier bags. I offered to bag and wrap up items as I sold them and many accepted my offer so these are definitely handy to have.

Be prepared to sell items for very little – Being new to the car boot scene I feel that we overpriced many of our items for what ‘car-booters’ were expecting to pay. What we thought was very reasonable, £2 for figurines in excellent condition, £2 for very good condition cds, many turned down our offer and surprisingly didn’t try to haggle down to a lower price. If you are wanting to just get rid it is definitely worth accepting any reasonable offer as you may not have any other ‘customers’ showing interest in that item again.

Take lots of loose change – We took £30 worth of change with us which was perfect, especially as somebody wanted change for a £20 note, and if you are selling items for 50p and the like you will need to have change ready. It is also worth saying that a bum bag or shoulder bag is best to keep your change safe.

Take a resources box – We took sticky labels, scissors,paper, pens, sellotape, baby wipes, cloths, table cloths and polish all ‘just in case’ we needed them and we found ourselves reaching for some of these.

Those were my tips, What are yours? Let me know.

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  1. I love car boot says! I collect tea cups and they are the best place to find them! :) xx

  2. I love car boot sales so much! Not been to one for so long but last time we had the same problem as you...we overpriced slightly!!
    Im enjoying your blog :) now following!

  3. I'm from the US, what is a car boot sale???! lol I must sound ridiculous but I have never heard of it?! It sounds like what we call a "farmers market" but "car boot sale" sounds so much cooler! :)


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