Review : Balmi Lip Balm / EOS Lip Balm Dupe ?


I love lip balm. I always seem to reach for a lip balm over any other make up product and find that it is an essential in my bag.

When I first heard about Balmi I was very excited as these are very comparable to the EOS lip balms that I have never tried and are less readily available in the UK.

Balmi comes in a spherical egg like container that twists to reveal the dome shaped balm. It also has an opportunity to use it as a keyring.This packaging makes application easy and fuss free and also more hygienic as you don’t have to keep dipping your finger in.The lip balm contains UVA/UVB SPF 15 which is a great bonus, especially in the summer months ( or weeks in Englands’ case).

When I use this I find it very smooth to apply and moisturising on the lips. I can apply this and after an hour or so my lips still feel moisturised however you can’t feel or taste the balm after 30 minutes.

The strawberry flavour is very pleasant, not sickly and I find is much like the edible paper you can find on cakes, this isn’t tingly on the lips. The mint flavour is very tingly and refreshing, much like toothpaste, but isn’t painful.

Although these are not my favourite lip balm ( I love my Medicated Chapstick for really chapped lips!) , I really like these balms and would consider repurchasing them in the future or buying them as a gift for somebody as my friends are often intrigued about them.

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  1. the packaging is very abit of a lip balm junkie so i may have to put these on my shopping list!

  2. I really want to try one of these just to compare to the EOS x

  3. I really wanna try these - they look very cute :)

  4. I brought the mint one the other day, and I love it! strawberry is the my next try! :) x

  5. I love these! Got the mint one in my JolieBox and planning to stock up on more the next time I'm in Boots! X

  6. Who would dupe EOS which is lousy to begin with? You want good stuff, buy BUDDHA BALM. Honestly its natural and tastes amazing. Buy it at

  7. I would love to try the strawberry one, they look lovely! Great post! :) I've always been dying to try EOS lip balms, wish we had them in the UK!


  8. I keep seeing this being posted about! I think I'm finally convinced that I have to purchase it instead of just reading about it! Especially as it's getting colder and my lips are starting to suffer as a result. Great blog post :)

    Rebecca xx

  9. I love the packaging!

    Terri x


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