Monthly Beauty Empties: August 2012 Empties/ What I've used up


Another beauty empties post for you. When I first started to draft this post I didn't think that I had finished up many products but I am proud to say that I have used over 10, again. Yay!

My Favourite Used Up Products:

Escada Taj Sunset Perfume: I bought this perfume last summer and since then I have absolutely loved it. Unfortunately it is now discontinued but this fragrance was very fruity, long lasting all whilst being affordable.

Boots  Essentials Cucumber Eye Makeup Remover Gel: I love this eye makeup remover. It's cheap, doesn't irritate my eyes, removers all of my eye makeup and mascara and is just great. I would definately repurchase this and highly recommend it.

Montagne Jeunesse Glacial Clay Spa - I loved using this face mask, it left my face soft and smooth whilst making my blemishes appear less red and reduced.

Dove Summer Glow - I love this fake tan. Although this still has the fake tan scent this is my favourite gradual tanner as it isn't streaky and doesn't develop into an orange colour but a 'nice' subtle glow.

Garnier Mineral Deodorant - Garnier is my favourite brand of deodorant as I feel that it is the only one that works for me.

Boots Extra Large Cotton Pads - These are great as they are big enough to use only one to remove a whole face of makeup.

The so-so products I've used up:

Amie Petal Perfect 2 in 1 Cleanser and Toner:  This removed my makeup without irritating my skin but I still felt that I needed an eye makeup remover to remove my eye products and I needed to follow with either a wash cloth or toner to remove everything.

Pearl Drops Daily Toothpaste: This did make my teeth whiter when I used this however it wasn't anything to phone home about. This is effective, as it says, as a daily toothpaste that is cheap and affordable but I wouldn't say that it is a whitening product.

Estee Lauder Firming Serum: As it was a sample I haven't had chance to use much of this but I did enjoy using what I had. It moisturised my skin and left it soft and smooth. I would use a sample again but I don't feel the need to buy this product yet.

Footner Exfolating Socks - I think I am going to devote a whole post to these as the concept is very new to me. Basically these are a chemical peel for your feet that removes dead skin and on first impressions this is good.

The not good products:

Head and Shoulders Itchy Scalp Care: I have a very sensitive scalp where currently only one shampoo
(TGel) works for me. This is one shampoo that murders my scalp and when I use this my scalp is left more itchy and irritated and full of dandruff than it was before.

Thats all, Hopefully these posts will start to feature some makeup bits sometime soon.

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