Packing for a weekend away: Toiletries Packing List


Over my 6 Week break, instead of going abroad, I have been on two short weekend breaks. Being the organised freak that I can be I compiled a list of toilettries to pack for both trips that turned out to be exactly what I needed and a few just-in case products. The list below are the items that I packed - the ones in bold are the ones I used the most and the ones that aren't in bold were the products I didn't end up reaching for but I may have required.

Deodorant - Garnier Mineral Clean Sensation
Lip Balm - Regular Vaseline
Perfume -Jean Paul Gaultier Sample
Shampoo - Neutrogena TGel
Conditioner - Ojon Conditioner for Damaged Hair
Hair Spray - Boots Essentials
Moisturiser - Garnier Dark Spot Corrector
Nail File
Nail Polish Remover - Home Bargains Fast & Fruity
Nail Scissors
Cotton Wool - Boots Baby
Razors - Boots Disposable
Shower Gel - Nivea Shower Cream 
Cuticle Oil - Premier
Nail Polish 
Body Spray - Natural Collection Apple and Lime
Hair Bobbles
Hair Grips
Dry Shampoo - Batiste
Skincare and Makeup (Foundation, Concealer, Powder, Eye Base, Mascara, Blusher, Bronzer, Lipstick, Lip Gloss, Brushes)
Cleanser/Face Wash - Garnier Simply Essentials, Boots Botanics Toning Spritz
Spot Gel - Boots Tea Tree and Witchhazel
Body Lotion - Nivea Light Touch
Fake Tan - Dove Summer Glow

What do you pack when you go away? Do you make a list? Let me know

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  1. i always make a list! i have to otherwise i panic that i have forgotten something! love the garnier cleanser, finished a bottle a few weeks ago! x


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