March Empties


This month, I feel, has been a very successful month for finishing up products as I've managed to finish up 14 products. Also, as I have been on a beauty buying ban since February 4th ( until April 8th), I have been finishing, or running extremely low, my favourite products and essentials and have had no choice but to reach for products I haven't before.

Batiste Dry Shampoo I love this Dry Shampoo, I tend to reach for it every other day and I can rely on it to keep oily hair at bay Repurchase? Yes Schwarzkopf Pro Styling Heat Protectant I am lazy with heat protectant anyway but I tended to avoid this because I felt it left my hair feeling greasy Repurchase? No Simply Pure Make up Remover Wipes 3 packets of these for 99p - I couldn't expect much and these are very disappointing you need at least two wipes to remove your eye make-up from one eye Repurchase? No Superdrug Vitamin E Moisturiser I loved this moisturiser it wasn't too thick but still left your skin feeling soft and moisturised a bargain price and lasts for ages Repurchase?Yes No7 Time Resist Day Cream I am 15 so definitely not worrying about anti aging right now but as I am not buying new products I tried this sample that was lingering in my drawer. It was bearable, didn't irritate my skin but didn't moisturise either Repurchase? No No7 Eyeshadow ( Wheatsheaf?) No7 is the eyeshadow brand that I can rely on to last all day without creasing. I love them Repurchase? Yes No7 Pink Blusher No7 blushers are pigmented but also easy to blend Repurchase?Yes No7 Intense Volume Mascara This hardly made any differences to my lashes Repurchase? No Maybelline Dream Satin Liquid  This left a lovely satin finish and lasted all day Repurchase? Yes Mac Select Moisturecover Concealer This concealer I used everyday for the 9 months that I had this for and I loved it, it wasn't drying and covered under eye circles great Repurchase? Yes Jemma Kidd Lipgloss  Very sticky Repurchase? No ProActiv Revitalizing Toner This stung whilst using it and didn't really make too much of a difference to my skin Repurchase? No ( ProActiv review to come) Nivea Dry Confidence Deodorant  Did not work, didn't leave me with confidence Repurchase? No

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