February Empties - Happy 29th February


Happy 29th February !!

Today I have another Empties post from the month of February. Please let me know if you like reading this type of post - personally I think its great to see that I get full use of products I spend my pennies on.

Simply Pure Make Remover Wipes
These were 99p for 3 packets of 25 and boy can you tell! These wipes aren't very moist and take at least 3 wipes just to remove your eye make-up. Not worth it. 

I will not be repurchasing these.

Spa - Cleansing Eye Make-up remover pads
These were 89p for 2 packets of 30 from HomeBargains. They are a bargain price and a couple of these will remove your eye make-up, at least you think you have, then you will have a bath/shower and find mascara all over your face. 

I will not be repurchasing

Lip Gloss Pot, Blistex Med Plus, Nivea Moisture Care

Lip Gloss Pot 
Sticky, glitter gets all over your face

I will not repurchase

This tingles when your use it, which made me believe it worked as a lip balm, but once this tingling has gone my lips felt worse, and more dry, than they were before.

I will not repurchase

Nivea Essential Care
This works and effectively moisturises your lips but I wouldn't say this is my favourite lip balm

I would consider to repurchase this

Primark Eyeshadow Mousse
I believe this has been discontinued anyway but I do think that for 50p that this was a good quality eyeshadow ( to wear on its own) but does not add any lasting power if you wanted to use this as an eyeshadow base

I wouldn't repurchase

No7 Blusher
I love No7 Blushers, full stop. Very natural looking, easy to blend and pigmented colours

I would repurchase

No7 Cleanse and Care Eye Make-up remover
It does the job but I wouldn't rush to repurchase this as it can be quite oily ( even when shaking the bottle) and leaves a residue.

I would not repurchase

Batiste Diva
Smells great. Absorbs oil. Great dry shampoo

I would repurchase

Sure Cool Pink
Hate this. It doesn't work - without being too graphic it doesn't smell that great and doesn't leave you feeling fresh. It DOES let you down!

Would not repurchase

That's all for February - What products have you used up recently?? 


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  1. I agree with about Sure! I like Dove deodrant the best :)


  2. I love these types of posts!

  3. I absolutely love that dry shampoo! Such a great product to have!:) anyway I'm a new follower btw! Please check out my blog and follow back if you like it:)!x


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