New additions to my Nail Polish Collection


 For those you eat Special K, you may have noticed their latest competition. All you need to do is buy a special edition box, finish the cereal, then enter the code on the inside of the box on their website for the chance to win a Nails Inc Special Edition Nail Polish

I never win anything and wasn't expecting a positive response from the competition. To my delight, an email informing me that I had won!

2 weeks later and the 'Special K Red' came through my letterbox.

I am yet to apply paint my nails fully with this, but I am very happy with the swatches.

It applies the same colour that you can see from the bottle, a very true red, which has left me feeling festive.

The next two are from NEXT. I have had a £5 gift card lingering in my purse for almost 2 years ( it was near expiry) so I impulsed purchased and decided that 2 x £2.50 nail polishes would be a good way of using up my voucher.

The left is in 'Blush', a light shimmery pink. The right is in shade 'red', though I think that it is more of an orange.

I'm sure I will have NOTD posts with these in the near future.


Are you interested in a Nail Polish collection?

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  1. Oh,love the bottle of the nails inc nail varnish! xxx

  2. I love the Nails Inc bottle! Would love to see a nail polish collection x


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