Reusing old packaging.


Ever find yourself with a finished product and tossing it away without thinking. You could reuse it!

If you're like me you may have recieved gift sets in the past with unusual shapes pans that aren't able to fit into MAC pallettes for example, so insead of being easily accesible, is stuck in a big box, or in my case a large no 7 makeup case, that is a bummer to reach for daily or use for travel.

For this post I delved into my case a pulled out the pans of some colours that I could reach for on a daily basis.

I then used some blue tac and placed this in opposite corners of the pan. Preferably I would like to stick magnets onto the back of the pans but I have that many in my pallette it would take far too long.

I then gently pressed the metal part of the product into the pan to secure it in place. Et voila - you are left with a custom made pallette that you can alter how you wish.

(Old MUA Face Powder packaging and ELF Complexion Perfection newly filled with a blush/bronzer and 4 No7 eyeshadows)

Hope this inspires you to experiment with your own old packaging

Love Lilleymay xx

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  1. So creative!
    Could you check out my blog? :)
    Greetings all the way from Indonesia :D


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