DIY: Make your own Z-Palette


I have always lusted over Z-palettes and the likes but have never felt I could justify spending £20 on an empty palette.
In the past I have put pans into my old ELF Studio packaging but it working, so it got me researching online to give me some ideas.

When watching/reading about DIY palettes, they often needed materials that I didn't have at home or couldn't get hold of but this DIY palette, I think, is made from materials that most people will have in their homes, or can easily access.

You will need:
An empty tin
 Thin Magnets ( I used innocent magnets free with their smoothies)
Nail Glue
Make-up in pan form

First I got the magnets and cut them, or left them, so that they covered most of the make-up pan.

I then placed a small amount of nail glue, I suppose eyelash glue may work similar, onto each corner on the coloured side of the magnet and stuck it to the base of the make-up pans.

I then left the magnets to dry, for 3-4 minutes.

The make-up pans now are ready to place into the tin securely.

Voila... a DIY make-up palette.


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  1. thats such a good idea! might try that, please check out my blog? xx

  2. Brilliant idea! I threw an empty tin out quite recently and i'm wishing I kept it now after seeing your post!

    Jen xx

  3. What products did you use? :)

    1. I had a No7 Vanity Case a few years back and depotted all the blushes and eyeshadows from it. xx

  4. thats really cool.. and to answer you question.. thanks!! & yeah the blazer is from H&M ..xx

  5. this is such a good idea, i may have to try it sometime! :) xx


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