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As I have recently been travelling, and many are soon going abroad, I thought it might be helpful to do a post about Toiletry Essentials.


Gradual Tanning Lotion - A gradual tanner is great for travelling as it will help top up your tan but won't look un-natural

Body Lotion - When on holiday I found that my skin lacked moisture so this lotion was essential.

Shower Gel - When abroad I love citrus, fruity smells and Original Source are great for this.

Cleansing Wipes - When I'm travelling I usually use a different skincare routine from usual so use Cleansing Wipes or Skincare samples

Perfume (Escada Taj Sunset) - During the summer months I love a fruity sweet fragrance so this is perfect

Moisturiser - Preferably with SPF for added protection

Shampoo & Conditioner

Hairspray - To tackle the effect that humidity has on your hair

Sectioning Clip

Salt Spray - If you have long hair and like the appearance of beachy waves then this type of salt spray is perfect and is a necessity

Dry Shampoo - Depending on where you are travelling determines on whether this is needed. If you are travelling long haul or are unsure how often you'll be able to wash your hair, then this is great

Body Mist - Not only does this cover you in gorgeous fragrance but it cools you down too!A must have for the pool side.

What are your Travel Bag Must Haves?

Lilley x

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