USED UP AND WOULDN'T REPURCHASE: Grow Gorgeous Volumising Full Bodied Volume Shampoo Review*


Grow Gorgeous Volumising Full Bodied Volume Shampoo Review* (£15)
In a bid to constantly streamline my collection of beauty products, I find myself getting through a fair few beauty products that, previously, I'd feature in an empties post. Not wanting to hoard my empty packaging nowadays, but still wanting to document my thoughts, I thought that I'd reintroduce quick, snappy, reviews of the products I use up, that would otherwise slip through the blogging net.

Grow Gorgeous Volumising Full Bodied Volume Shampoo
Considering that this shampoo retails at the higher ended price bracket for a shampoo, at £15, I expected a lot from this product and if I’m honest, I’ve been rather underwhelmed by this shampoo.

I found that the thick consistency of this required a lot of shampoo to work up to a lather. I have short, fine hair that, while using this in the shower, got quite tangled and matted if I didn't follow with a conditioner. Whether leaving my hair to air dry, or whether I blow dry my hair, this made no real difference to the volume in my hair. 

Where it hasn’t done anything particular wrong, I don’t feel like this shampoo performs to justify its price tag. The scent of this is mild and pleasant, and the packaging made this easy to use.  I shan’t be repurchasing this as find more affordable options perform much better in my opinion and therefore wouldn't recommend this product.

Have you tried anything from the Grow Gorgeous range?

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