USED: Oskia Renaissance Cleansing Gel Review


Recently I became a victim of the pesky packaging for Oskia's Renaissance Cleansing Gel. I'd been forewarned of the sudden devastation when this runs out by surprise, with no indication that it is running low, nevertheless, I had an excellent experience with this cleanser and would love to rave about this cleansing wonder.

Receiving this as a gift a couple of Christmases ago, I savoured this cleanser solely for when I went home between uni semesters to save this for best as, as a student, I haven't £30+ to spend on a cleanser every day. Nevertheless, I loved every single use of this and could always rely on this to remove my makeup quickly and easily. Although this advises you to avoid contact with the eyes, I could always rely on this to remove my mascara and face make-up in a single cleanse without irritating my eyes. Since I’ll always gravitate towards a balm or oil cleanser, I loved that this gel melts to a milky consistency and is easy to remove with warm water and a flannel. This cleanser is suited to all skin types, even sensitive due to its light rose scent, and your skin is left feeling soft and supple after using this.

Have you become a victim of Oskia's pesky packaging?

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