Reflecting on my 2017 New Years Resolutions


Happy New Year everyone! Aren’t we glad that 2017 is over eh? 2017 had its ups and downs and I'm glad of a clean slate - so here’s to 2018! At the beginning of last year I made 9 resolutions in my 2017 resolutions blogpost and now it’s time to reflect and see how well I did.

Run 5km in 30 minutes
Unfortunately I wasn't able to run 5km in 30 minutes but I did manage to knock down my pb for 1 mile down to 8:18. This year I hope to get back on track with my running and get my fitness up again to run 5km easily.

Row 500m in under 2 minutes & 2000m in under 9 minutes
Its been a long time since I've been on an erg machine so I've no idea where my times lie. The best time I managed to get for 2km was 9:04 which isn't too far off. This is definitely something I need to get back into practice with, particularly as I'm taking part in a fundraising Ergathon.

Blog More
Whoops. I was so good at this for the first 3 months of the year, scheduling weekly content for you all. Admittedly this tailed off towards the middle and end of the year. Once again, this year I hope to become more active on my blog, and make better use of the time I spend mindlessly scrolling through social media to write out blog content.

Watch more Ted Talks
This resolution lasted less than a week. I did, however, during the first term of second year, work as part of a team at uni to organise a TedX event which watching the live talks had more impact than any Ted Talks I'd seen before.

Do my reading
I fulfilled this goal, and completed the reading set for each seminar. Next year I hope to continue this, but make sure that I prioritise making a start on my assignments over reading 100+ word chapters and making more effective use of my time.

Moisturise more
I've managed to become more conscious and active at moisturising my body since new year 2017. As the nights have drawn colder I've become more lax at this, but when the spring/summer wardrobe is out, I'll be back to moisturising on a daily basis.

Learn I Giorni on the Piano
Unfortunately this didn't happen in 2017. I did, however, teach myself to play Salvation by Gabrielle Aplin which was an improvement on 2016's ability.

Be Better With Time Management
My time management in 2017 went in waves of great and so-so. I think I deserve particular praise for being able to apply for placements throughout my first semester of second year, whilst also being part of my uni rowing teams committee.

Take more photos
My trip to China back in June was a great opportunity to experiment with my camera, alongside various short breaks, including Amsterdam, London and Hay-on-Wye.

As you can see, I've varying success with last years resolutions, and I hope to build on these in 2018 (stay tuned for a separate post on these). I also feel that I made some non-resolution achievements that I am proud to have done in 2017. These include:

  • Going on my first 'first date'
  • Being awarded student of first year for my degree and achieving a 78% average
  • Delivering my first pitch to industry
  • Attending my first placement interview, two assessment centres and getting offered a Marketing Placement starting July 2018.
  • Visiting Asia before turning 21
  • Celebrating my 21st Birthday with my closest friends and family

Did you stick to your 2017 resolutions?

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