2017 Resolutions


2017 Resolutions

I've been a little skeptical as to whether to share one of these 'new years resolutions' posts that I've seen pop up over the past week or so on my bloglovin feed, however, after a fair break away from my little blog over the last few months, I thought if I write about my resolutions, then it'll be a good way for me to get back into the swing of things and get my creative juices flowing again.

2016 was a year of ends and beginnings for me; I finished my A Levels in June, got an offer for my first choice uni in August and by September I’d made the move to study in Birmingham. In 2016, however, I lacked motivation and inspiration to blog. Although I had ideas in my head and photos on my camera roll,  I struggled to put words together creatively and was experiencing a major case of bloggers-block. Rest assured, I am now ready to get back on the blogging bandwagon again and to dedicate my free-time to improve this little space.

That's enough about 2016, so here are my 2017 Resolutions - feel free to share yours in the comments and egg each other on to stick to them!

  • Run a 5km in 30 minutes: Back in June last year I challenged myself to start running. I’ve always been terrible at it so I was determined to change that. Since then I’ve slowly been upping my distance to finally running 5km without stopping a couple of weeks ago - which for me is quite an achievement! For 2017 I hope to cut down on my time and also up my distance. I’d also love to do a colour run one day, so hopefully 2017 will be the year to do that!
  • Row 500m in under 2 minutes & 2000m in under 9 minutes: Back in September I set myself the challenge of learning a new sport and joining a sports society, so I decided to learn to row. Having not rowed before, my ERG ( rowing machine) times were all over the place and I hadn’t got any numerical targets to aim for.  For 2017 I hope to improve my 500m and 2000m erg times, and fitness, as well as improving my ‘skill’ on the water. 
  • Blog More: A fairly obvious one for me; I want to dedicate more time in 2017 to reading and writing blogposts again, as well as getting involved in more twitter chats.
  • Watch more Ted Talks: Studying a Marketing and Public Relations degree, public speaking and pitch presentations are expected to become second nature. To improve on my own public speaking capabilities, and widen my general knowledge, I hope to watch more Ted talks in 2017.
  • Do my reading: A fairly cliché one for most university students I can imagine, but this semester I want to get ahead with my reading again to be in a good place for my exams in the summer.
  • Moisturise more: I feel like 2016 was the year that I got my skincare routine down to a tee. I was strict with myself in taking my make-up off and treating my skin with masks, moisturisers and serums. In 2017 I hope to do the same with my body, in particular making the most of the plethora of body lotions and butters that I have in my collection.
  • Learn I Giorni on the Piano: Last year we acquired a piano at home and I decided to learn a couple of short pieces off my own back. Having played the flute for over 12 years, I am able to read music easily and have always wanted to be able to play the piano. This year I want to set myself a challenge to learn I Giorni by Einaudi ( part of which has featured in the background of the Amazon Christmas advert) . I’ve always loved this piece and I feel like I would feel accomplished if I were able to recite it myself. 
  • Be Better With Time Management: Since moving to uni, I seem to have become bad at time management; I love to procrastinate, and often I'll sit down to do a job and get distracted. In 2017 I want to be more productive and use my days better - not wasting hours laying in bed watching Netflix!
  • Take more photos: I’ve had my DSLR for a fair few years now and still feel like I am neglecting its full photography potential. This year I intend to take my camera out more and start taking more non-blog photos.
So there goes; some of my key resolutions for 2017! Pretty cliché as resolutions go, particularly accompanied by some of the other ‘standard’ resolutions I hope to work on including; to eat healthier, lose weight and become more sociable. That said, I hope that now these are written down that I’ll actually try and stick to them!

What are your goals/ resolutions for 2017?

Beth x

P.S I’m currently planning some of my blog content, so please let me know if there's anything you'd love to see.

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