Confession, this blog-post has been far too long in the making. Back in February, I was given the chance to try out a revolutionary concept for getting rid of Cellulite - the anti-cellulite CelluBlue Cup. A best seller among French women, CelluBlue is a French company that is fitness and beauty-oriented, and their anti-cellulite cup has renowned results - you just have to check out their Instagram! The skeptical among you are probably on the same wave-length as I was - ‘no this cup can’t perform miracles like that’, ‘she must have had surgery’ or ‘she’s lost a load of weight to see such a difference’. Admittedly, there are many cases where the women featured have undergone a lifestyle change in conjunction with using the Cellu-blue cup, however I was certain that I would give this a try alone, without making any changes to my already lacking exercise schedule in order to give this the full test and I definitely saw results. The CelluBlue Cup, in addition to helping to get rid of cellulite, claims to help tone and smooth your skin in only 21 days! I actually started to see a difference in 5 days but it's definitely worth keeping with the 5-minute routine each day over the 3 weeks to get the best result. 

How to Use: ( LINK
The Cellu blue cup  is very easy to use ( only 10 simple steps) and only takes 5 minutes each day to see visible results. I personally tend to use this on my upper thighs but can also be used on your knees, calves, stomach and arms.  

#1: Apply a body oil of your choice onto the cellulite-affected area you want to massage (the cup should slide on your skin, so avoid using body lotions and gels) - I personally love to use the Elizabeth Arden 8 Hour Cream Oil Spray  (reviewed here ) but I hear that Coconut Oil also works well.
#2: Apply firm pressure on the sides of the CelluBlue Cup, to release the air.
#3:Place the cup at the bottom of the chosen area, without releasing pressure.
#4: Slowly let go. Your skin is immediately sucked into the cup. 
#5:If the suction feels too strong, reduce it by slightly squeezing the sides of the cup to release some air.
#6: Massage the area from bottom to top. Repeat for 3 minutes. 
#7:Never go back and forth!
#8:Continue working upwards making zig-zag motions starting from the inside out for 1 minute. Always from bottom to top.
#9: End your massage by making small circular motions for 1 minute. Still from bottom to top.
#10: To get rid of deep cellulite, you can finish your massage by firmly pressing your CelluBlue Cup into your skin. Move your cup a few centimetres without releasing the pressure and wait a few seconds before moving it again. Do this on all the areas you want to work on.

Before starting to use the Cellu-blue cup I took some ‘before’ photos to map my progress with the cup, however the results were visibly noticeable without the need for comparison to the photos I'd taken,  particularly on my upper thighs/bum ( TMI perhaps, apologies) where I suffer the most with cellulite. The texture of my skin became much smoother and the small bumps from cellulite diminished and the cellulite itself was reduced significantly - just by using the cup with no change in my exercise routine or diet.  I have tried various ( and expensive) cellulite creams and treatments in the past that have outright failed to reduce cellulite but after trying this, I see no reason to try anything else. 

If you want to find out more about the science behind the CelluBlue cup and how it works to rid cellulite then I’d strongly advise you to check out their website where you can also find videos on how to use the cup and various worldwide stockists.

If you are struggling with cellulite ( it’s perfectly normal ladies! ) then I’d strongly urge you to give this a go - What have you got to lose?

Beth x 

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