Beauty Blender Dupe: Real Techniques Miracle Complexion Sponge Review


You may have seen me ramble on about the infamous Real Techniques brushes, namely their face brushes, however there has now been a now-not-so-new foundation tool in town, the RT Miracle Complexion Sponge and this really is a miracle worker.

Where you thought your foundation looked amazing before, you NEED to try this. When held under running water, and the excess rung out, this sponge expands to over twice its original size and makes your foundation much more flawless yet natural looking.

If you have trouble with a certain foundation caking when you apply it, as I did with the apparently cake free Rimmel Stay Matte, this helps to significantly reduce this while also allowing you to build up the coverage.

The sponge has a wide flat side, a rounded pointed end and and a more precise pointed edge. This combination of the three means that you can apply your foundation in layers, and over a large area, but blend in precise areas of your face, such as under your eyes and around your nose, and at ease.

For £5.99 there is no need to splurge £20ish on the beauty blender as, for me, this does all that I would want the beauty blender to do without the hassle of ordering online and wasting extra cash.

It is also worth saying that this was surpisingly easy to clean versus other foundation sponges I have tried - I run it under the hot jet of my shower and lather clean using baby shampoo and the sponge is returned to its original bright orange coloured glory.

If you want a change from your usual foundation application then I would highly urge you to pop to Boots, or online, and buy this as this multi-tasking beauty is an essential in my opinion. 

Have you tried the RT Miracle Complexion sponge?

Beth xx

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  1. Sounds great! I struggle with the Rimmel foundation too so may have to make a cheeky purchase of this to help!

    Cat from OutsideBeautyInsideHealth

  2. This sounds great! I'm definitely going to have a good look at it next time I'm in Boots! x

  3. I keep meaning to treat myself to one of these! It sounds great.


  4. I have one of these and absolutely love it! <3 xx

  5. I've not tried this although I absolutely adore RT brushes in general. I'm just a bit cautious of sponges- I feel like they wouldn't blend makeup as well as a brush. You're review has certainly tempted me though! Julz Obsessions xx

  6. I love mine, its so good at blending foundation into those tricky areas.


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