Mini Reviews*: Philosophy BB Cream, Benefit Porefessional, YSl Mascara Volume Effet Fax Cils and No7 Instant Radiance Highlighter


With trying so many beauty and makeup products there are often products that slip under the net and go without a mention on here, despite frequently using them in my routine. Because of this, I thought I would share some mini reviews, of 6 products that are yet to get a 'proper' mention.

Porefessional /£24.50
When I think of primers Porefessional always springs to mind so I  was buzzing to finally try this. Unfortunately, to me, this is just an okay primer and hasn't really done anything special for me considering the price. The primer is dispensed as a flesh coloured gel that goes clear when you blend it in. This feels silicone-y and matte-ifys the skin leaving it tight but shine free. This leaves a great base for your makeup but can gather in clusters on your face that require extra blending. This helps your makeup to stay in place but no better than cheaper primers. This was just average to me and I wont be rushing out to buy another.

No7 Stay Perfect Shade and Define/£8/
I'm not usually one for eyeliner or dark bases however the precise tip ( made sharp by the build in sharpener) and pencil like design makes this really easy to apply and the colour is soft and easy to blend, making it easy to create a smoky eye. The shimmer also makes it great for nights out. It can be difficult to apply but an oil based remover does the trick! Will definitely be swatching their lighter shades.

No7 Gel Like Shine Nail Polish /£7/
I have this in a deep purple galaxy colour and for something that is gel look, this dries in great time and provides great opaque colour that is glossy and smooth. The brush also makes for easy application. It does chip after a few days but looks great on your toes whatever the season!

No7 Instant Radiance Highlighter / £9.95/ 
I've always been a fan of powder highlighters but this stick formula has pleasantly surprised me as this was so easy to use. To use this I simply 'draw' a line on the top of my cheek bones ( following my foundation but before my powder) and using a synthetic powder brush, or my fingers, blend it in. This gives a natural, subtle glow that can either be toned down with powder or enhanced using a powder highlighter. Although I still have other favourite highlighters, I definitely reach for this on natural makeup days for a quick pick me up on my cheeks or brow bone that I can rely on to last.

Yves Saint Laurent Babydoll Mascara - Effet Faux Cils / £24.50
I had never tried a high end mascara before this but in its first 3 months of mascara life I wasn't  disappointed. This, on first use, blew me away with how long it made my eyelashes look without going clumpy or flaking. Whats even better is that this can be easily layered with the plastic bristle brush. The packaging is also divine and luxurious but in my opinion, it should for the price! Although this is easily removed, I do find that I wake up with the much dreaded panda eyes. All in all I loved using this however after 2-3 months this had dried out and the results less satisfying. I'm not 100% certain that I will pay a high end price for a mascara again after trying some great ones on the high street but if you are wanting to splurge, this wont disappoint!

 I'm a big fan of BB creams and this is no exception. Like you'd expect this feels lightweight and gives a lovely natural dewy finish and also, surprising, excellent coverage that covers redness and blemishes without the cakiness of a high coverage foundation. I will admit that I still end up using concealer but I would with any foundation or BB cream.

I have this in the shade light however I feel light is more of a medium shade, especially as it has a tendency to oxidize, and I find myself blending this down my neck. I have also found that with this BB cream that I have to be careful applying it as it can leave clusters of dark BB cream on your face if not blended properly yet doesn't flake around any dry patches.
Apart from this, this lasts extremely well and doesn't shift as the day goes on if used with a primer and powder. I have been pleased with the results from this however it is just far too dark so shall be saving this for my holiday.


So those were my not-so-mini mini reviews. What are your thoughts on this type of review/blogpost - let me know! x

Beth xx

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