The Best Deodorant // Mitchum Advanced Control 48 Hour Strength and Protection Deodorant


Many deodorants claim to give you 48 hour protection but only now have I found a deodorant that I could genuinely trust to work the next day without reapplication - not that I would want to!

I'll admit that deodorants aren't the most exciting to talk about but when I discovered this I just had to share! This does what an anti-perspirant should do in that if you use this in the morning you will not sweat at all throughout the day.

This is sticky when you first apply it, however after a minute or so you know you are set for the day and won't be sweaty or smelly when you come home after a long day.

I'm personally not overly keen on the scent however the scent is a small price to pay for such a great deodorant and seeing as there are plenty of other scents in the range , when this runs out I shall be trying another. 

Nevertheless, I shall now not be straying from the Mitchum brand. When people recommend Mitchum they really mean it and I for one thoroughly recommend this and for the price I can see myself buying this for years to come.

Have you tried this??

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