Spring Empties 2014


I was going through my old blogposts when I realised that I was 4 months overdue an empties post having not written one since December. There are more than enough products in my overfilling Lush bag to warrant a youtube video however seeing as I havent let dipped my toe into the yt water just yet,  a blogpost shall suffice for now!

Onto the empties...

Batiste Tropical and Brunette Dry Shampoo - I used to swear by Batiste so second day hair to soak up excess oil and give my hair back some life however more recently even the brunette has looked powdery and doesn't seem to be doing much for my limp hair so I shall be looking elsewhere 

T Gel - This I swear by for when my scalp is sore and flaky so as and when my scalp flares up again I shall be quick to repurchase. For now however if and when my scalp flares up again I shall be sure to pick it up.

Amie Face Wash - As bad as foam face washes are for your skin I find that if a face wash doesn't lather or do much when applied to your skin that I am just spreading makeup around your face whilst in the shower. That being said this was a lovely thick consistency that smelt great her was incredibly gentle on the skin. If I was one for cream washes I would recommend this however as I am not and this isn't great for your eyes I won't be repurchasing.

Boots Sensitive Fask Mask - For those of you who have read my review will know how much I disliked this. Considering that it is targeted at sensitive skin I have never tried a face mask that stings so much. Safe to say I shall not be repurchasing this especially as it hardly does anything to deep cleanse your skin apart from burning off the top layer of your skin.
Bourjois 123 Foundation - As with most of the foundations that I've tried, this is best used in conjunction with another product. In this case it is the Rimmel primer. When used in conjunction with that the leaves a non cakey matte finish with medium coverage that will last all day. I would repurchase this.
Naked Lipgloss - This little freebie came alongside my Naked 2 palette and I wasn't expecting to love it as much as I did . Although sticky, this had a great mint flavour, provided a natural wash of colour to your lips that was perfect layered over any lipstick and lasted hours too.
Balmi Lip Balm - I Love Balmi lipbalms. Terrible packaging aside, you know you can count on this to hydrate your lips in the bad weather and they all taste amazing!
Rimmel Stay Matte - I have almost finished a second one of these since my last empties and my thoughts are the same. Fabulous powder at a fabulous price. Highly recommend it.
Mac All that Glitters - In the end I absolutely loved this. With my maybelline on and on bronze this lasted all day and I was often complemented on what I had on my eyes. If you are after a good MAC eyeshadow I would definitely opt for this. 

Elf Brush Cleanser - Since trying the MAC brush cleanser I would now probably opt for that over this as it is much more effective however this, beforehand, did the job perfectly and the spray bottle made it very convenient to use.
Lush Snow Fairy - In my eyes you can't go wrong with lush snow fairy. It smells divine is multi use, and works effectively as a shampoo for that matter, and only requires a tiny amount. I already have my back up and shall continue to put this on my Christmas list.
One Direction Perfume - I wasn't keen on this. To me it smelt like air freshener and If I'd have liked the scent it didn't last at all anyway. Not a fan.
Soap and Glory Perfume- This on the other hand I loved. Smelt luxurious of a perfume much beyond its £15 price tag and lasted fairly well too. It does require reapplication however I'm yet to find a perfume that doesn't.
Soap and Glory Body Spray - Cheaper again to the S&G perfume, this too smells amazing and is great for freshening up. I would definitely buy this again.
Garnier Cleanser - I am a big fan of garnier. For the price they seem to get the job done just right as far as skin care goes so if you are on a budget these work great. This didn't do anything spectacular but worked great at removing face and eye makeup without any fuss or frills. Garnier is a brand I shall stay loyal to.
Garnier Moisturiser - I've only had the chance to try a couple of samples of these moisturizers but none of them have disappointed. They leave your skin feeling soft and smooth without leaving you skin feeling tight. Once I finish my other moisturizers I shall look to purchase one from this range.
Adidas Women's Shower Gel - To me this was just another shower gel. No frills but nothing special. I wouldn't rush to buy this again. 
Seventeen On the Spot Foundation - This with the Seventeen Liquid Highlighter worked great as a flawless base but did have the tendency to turn oily and need powdering through the day. Still skeptical as to whether this helps your spots but as an average foundation this worked fine.
Olay Cleansing Milk - This did the job however took multiple uses on a cotton pad to remove your makeup and then left a residue. I wouldn't repurchase.

Superdrug Coconut Oil - This on the other hand worked great at removing your makeup so would definitely repurchase.

Superdrug Dry Shampoo/ Away with the Fairies - This was hideous. Didn't even smell nice as an air freshener . Made hair look greasier and left powdery residue. I shall not be repurchasing this

Boots Maximum Hold Hairspray - This is a great affordable no frills hairspray. The can lasts for ages, brushes out easily and is good with hold. Can look crunchy but nothing a brush wont get rid of.

So thats all, phew. I've been meaning to type this up for ages and can now breathe a sigh of relief as I chuck this into my recycling!

Beth xx

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  1. Really want to try the soap and glory perfume! Didn't realise it was so cheap either x www.sleepwakehope.blogspot.com


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