Review: Soap and Glory Peaches and Clean Deep Cleansing Milk


Soap and Glory Peaches and Clean was a product I was fortunate to receive as part of the large gift set I received at Christmas but one that I have only recently gotten round to using due to owning far too many skin care products and finding them hard to use up.

Marketted as a 4 in 1 Deep Cleansing Milk, this cleanser is dispensed from a convenient pump in the form of a thick white cream that is scented with a strong, refreshing scent of peaches. For me I love the scent however I would advise you to definitely smell it before you buy as it is a very overpowering scent that may not be to everybodies tastes.

To use this as a cleansing milk I put two pumps into my hands and massage it into my face where it gently dissolves the make-up without irritating my skin. To follow, I then use a muslin cloth or face cloth to wash the cleanser off. Where it does claim to be 'deep cleansing', I do find that I still need to follow with a water cleanser or toner, or repeat the process, to get the last remains of my makeup off as I often find that my skin still needs more of a thorough clean.

That being said, I do love it for one of its other uses, a mask, as I feel that leaving this product for at least 10 minutes allows 'the magic' in the cleanser to work better and for it to deeper clean your skin. I often leave this on my face overnight to allow it to sink into my skin and for me to see the best results from this.

Overall I feel that where this isn't the most 'deep cleansing' cleansing milk, this does make a great mask and I often find myself giving my skin a pamper with this when I need to wind down.

Have you tried this? What are your thoughts?

Beth xx

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  1. I haven't tried this but the smell looks amazing, the formula sounds great too! x

    Maddy from UNSTITCHEDD 

  2. I also have this and love it as a mask, I find the longer you leave it on, the softer and cleaner your skin feels! Great review :)

    Oh So Bridie

  3. I love it when products can be used in different ways. xx

  4. I have this too and I've never tried it must use it as a mask!

  5. I have this, and although I like it, I much prefer my La Roche Posay cleansing gel. I'll have to give it a go as a mask! xx


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