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Kuko was a brand that I had only ever come across on Rebeccas blog so when I was recently contacted by their PR and offered the chance to try their products, I jumped at the chance to give them a go for myself.I was sent the Kokoro G Shampoo and Restorative Treatment (Conditioner) to try. 

Many of you may know that I am a lover of Ojon products however I can find that the Restorative Damage range, in particular their Shampoo, can weigh my hair down, this on the otherhand does not and actually helps keep my hair cleaner for longer meaning that recently I have been able to ditch the dry shampoo on second day hair and even, at a push, leave my hair for 3 days with only a small spritz of Batiste needed - fabulous!

PHI TEN claim that this Kokoro G Shampoo is a regular use shampoo that strengthens the hair leaving it soft and smooth. To use all you need to do is apply a generous amount to damp hair,massage throughout and rinse thoroughly.
It only takes a small amount of the shampoo to create a rich foamy lather which deep cleanses your scalp without irritating it and for me this is one of few shampoos, other than tgel, that improves the condition of my scalp instead of making it worse. The shampoo also helps to detangle your hair and leave it easy to manage without being weighed down as the formula is very lightweight. I think I can safely say that I prefer this shampoo to the Ojon Restoriative Damage Shampoo, sorry ojon, and that I have even been reaching for this over my T Gel.

I also love the treatment. The Kokoro G Treatment Intensive Treatment is a regular use intensive conditioner that detangles, deeply moisturises and leaves the hair soft, smooth and stronger.To use this I use a small amount on the mid lengths and ends of my hair and usually leave it for a couple of minutes ( although you could leave it for much longer as a mask)  and I am left with soft,moistured, tangle free hair. Although I don't see as much of a difference to my split ends like I do with my faithful Ojon mask, when using this the majority of my split ends gone and my hair has less breakage, without my hair feeling weighed down and greasy.

Overall I think that the Kokoro G range is a great range and one that I would definitely repurchase, especially the Shampoo as it leaves my hair looking great and it stays that way for days afterwards!

Have you tried Kokoro G?

Beth xx

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  1. Lovely review, it's always great to convert to a new brand. x


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