Review: Nivea In Shower Body Moisturiser Skin Conditioner * (NEEDS PHOTOS)


Nivea In shower Body Moisturiser Skin Conditioner
The Nivea In shower Body Moisturiser is a totally new concept to me and definitely one I was intrigued to try but equally skeptical.This is applied straight after using shower gel or soap and is rinsed off immediately to supposedly reveal soft and silky skin without the waiting as it is ‘instantly absorbed'.

I didn’t know what texture to expect with this but , when used in the shower, this feels the exact same as when you would apply body lotion to dry skin, soft and creamy and does not create a lather but instead easily spreads around your skin. When smelt in the bottle it shares the same scent as their regular moisturisers but when used in the shower I couldn’t smell it all which I was let down by.

True to its claims, it rubs of easily and once out of the shower dries –almost- instantly and isn’t sticky so you can get dressed straight away – this, I much prefer to many of my ‘regular’ moisturisers.

The packaging is also great as the bottle dispenses the correct amount of product and can be stored on its lid.

Unfortunately the product itself is a big let down for me. I don’t have overly ‘dry’ skin, probably more ‘normal’ than anything but when I use this, although my skin isn’t left dry or flaky, I feel that it has made no difference to if I had skipped this product and feel that I need to apply a regular lotion in order to get the moisture I require. I am unsure on whether it is due to the way I am using it but how I see it, from the instructions, surely by wiping something on your body then washing it off instantly it can’t make much of a difference – it definitely hasn’t for me anyway.

Overall I feel that this is more a novelty product to me than a lotion that adds moisture and although I will get use from it now as it is warmer and my skin isn’t as dry and it saves the hassle , for me it doesn’t moisturise enough and find other, much cheaper ( see my Derma V10 REVIEW) moisturisers sink in easily and quickly and are much better on my normal-dry skin. 

Overall, if you are somebody that hates waiting for body lotion to sink in and only require a small amount of moisture then I suggest you get this product in the ‘dry skin’ range however for me it is a gimmick and I am not converted from my out-of-the-shower lotions as using it in the shower seems pointless and extra unnecessary expense to my hygiene routine.

Have you tried this?


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  1. oh this looks fab. I do love Nivea but haven't seen this around, will look out for it xx

  2. Shame it is so gimmicky, I won't be trying this! xx
    Maddy from UNSTITCHEDD 

  3. Wow!!! this is superb. I want to try this but my skin is very sensitive so this product is good or me or not.

    obagi nu derm starter kit

  4. Since I tried this I have been addicted to it! I love it x



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