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Hello all its me again!Beth - the blogger that neglects her readers for revision then gives you 3 posts in a row!

Today is the first Monday of June meaning it is time to summarise the goings on of May and give you my Top 5 Blogposts of May. I shall give you those now as I predict the rest of the post may be a long one!

 #1 Mac Bare Study Paint Pot Review - HERE
#2 Face B4 Skincare System Update - HERE
#3 Garnier Dark Spot Review - HERE
#4 Guest Post: Evening FOTD - HERE
#5 Summer Fete - HERE

It would appear that my FOTD guest post was quite popular, would anyone be interested in me doing some FOTDs? If I pluck up the courage that is! Let me know below!

Anyway, onto May...

May has been a rather fabulous month for me and I would say that its probably my favourite of the year so far! This month started like April with lots of revision which led up to the start of my GCSEs,  6 of which I managed to finish in May. I am so happy that I never EVER have to do English ever again, yipeee! Amongst this I managed to take a break to visit a local summer fete, which I posted about, and went to my first ever BBQ of 2013 where they weather was actually lovely!

I then had 2 weeks of madness once my exams had started which lead up to my stand down and since the 24th May, I am officially a high school leaver. I survived.

I had a lovely day which I spent with my closest friends, caused a little bit of mischief ( hardly), had our final assembly then had a mini-festival in our school hall. Although the weather was pants it was a great day and don't think I could have ended my 5 years any better! To top the day off  I went to one of my closest friend's party which was surprising calm yet nevertheless a great night!

Since finishing high school I have had a bridesmaids fitting for my cousins summer wedding, had a hair practise and reached 200 bloglovin followers which, if you don't follow me already what are you doing?, you can follow by clicking the link in the sidebar.  We have also been looking after 3 kitten that were born on our farm and giving them lots of cuddles ( one of our ginger toms photographed above) and I have been a crazy instagram (BethME) and snapchat obsessed lady!

Overall May has been a great month and I hope June with final exams, prom, after prom and other parties will make for a fabulous month!

What have you been up to in May?? xx

* I want to take this opportunity to give 3 shout outs to three of my close friends; Molly, Tash and Alice who have all started blogging ( or blogging again) recently. Click their names to go to their blogs and please tell them I sent you, they are all FABULOUS! x*

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