Makeup Storage: Ikea and Ted Baker


Hello everybody! Recently I took a sneaky trip to Ikea and found some really cute pots in the plant section which have now taken pride of place on my dressing table and I thought I would share them with you today! The pots ( I bought 2 ) came to a budget friendly £2.50 each and are now being used for my makeup brushes and eye/lip liners. I think that they are great as they can easily be wiped down and as they come in a variety of sizes you can pick a size best suited for you!

These are sold online HERE but can also be found in the plant section of ikea, in my case near the section where you collect the flatpack furniture! If you want to track them down instore the bar code is 602.360.43 (with a code of 20529).

Have you tried these?


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  1. I love the pot, I have one quite similar and I love the style! xxx

    Maddy from UNSTITCHEDD 

  2. Replies
    1. Thank you, I love the Ted Baker bags x

  3. The plant pots are a great idea and look so cute!

    Kathryn x

    1. Its amazing what you find for storage!

  4. I LOVE this idea! I've been struggling with what to do with all my brushes and I think a few of these pots and pieces of ribbon might well do the trick. Thanks for sharing! xx

    Charlotte - xx

  5. I have the bigger version of this but it's too big to store brushes. Need to get this one!!

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    1. I almost bought the bigger one actually!

  6. That makeup brush holder is beyond beautiful!! I am ready to run out to my ikea right now for it, I hope they have it where I live!!

    I've been keeping my makeup brush holders in a spinning utensil holder, which is useful but nowhere as cute as this!

    I just found your blog but I think it is so lovely, just followed you on bloglovin!

    Katie's Beautique

    Katie’s Beautique on Bloglovin’

  7. I have around 4 of these pots in my room! They are so adorable and handy, who thought a plant pot would be good to store make-up? Loving your make-up bag by the way! :)

    1. 4? Wow! Im sure I could find stuff to go into 4!

  8. I love the white pot - so cute! I'm definitely a make up bag girl. :)

  9. Super cute. I've never been to an Ikea! Always have wanted to go.

  10. What a cute makeup case! Love it =)


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