Blogging Tips #2


Back in April I wrote a Blogging Tips post that proved to be quite popular so I thought it was time to do an updated one seeing as 2 months have passed!

Comment on other blogs
I cannot stress to you enough how annoying it is to receive 'follow for a follow' or 'I love your blog shall we follow each other' comments so I definitely do not encourage these. By commenting on other blogs I mean leave genuine comments about the content of somebodies post, even if it is just a sentence. This allows bloggers to see that you have taken the time to read their post and in return may press your name to check out your blog ( or your link if you leave it) which isa much better way to get blog traffic than spam. NOBODY likes spam.

Remove word verification
This too is another little pet peeve of mine ( apologies for being so negative!). I wouldn't mind filling in the darn little cryptic puzzles if I had a slight idea of what they said! Word verification is automatically added to the comments form of blogger blogs in order to prevent spam but can be turned off in settings. Meaning less people will be discouraged from posting comments in the future!

Schedule Posts 
@HattieConstance on twitter shared this tip and I am fully with her on this one! For me, scheduling posts is a life saviour, and was during my exams, and basically means you could spend a whole day writing blogposts then schedule them for the next few weeks, meaning you can carry on with other things. This means that if something comes up and you are short of time, posts are ready. You could also just draft blogposts, as I do, when ideas come into your head or you find yourself writing a review which can then be finished/added to as you wish.

Post when you can 
@AnnaBlogster 's tip links quite nicely with the previous as blogging should not be a chore and should be done when you want to do it, not because you have to do it. By posting when you can, or scheduling when you can, you make blogging fit around you whilst still providing your readers with great content.

Take photos in bulk
This really helps me and is something I do quite frequently. When the sun is out or the lighting is great - get your camera! For those living in Britain, like me, you will know that when it is bright or sunny its not going to be for long so the sooner you can take photography, and lots of them, the better as these can be stored away until needed.

I still have plenty of advice to share but shall save that for another day! If you have any tips you think I have missed please comment below or tweet me and they may be featured in my next post. As always, take these as a pinch of salt; its your blog, blog how you want to!

Beth x

P.S You can check out the previous Blogging Tips Post HERE

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  1. Love your tips, your blog inspires me so much! xxx
    Maddy from UNSTITCHEDD 

  2. Love your blog! Really inspires me as a new blogger!

    Sarah xx

  3. I'm new to blogging and this was really helpful! Thank you

    Neelam x

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  5. These are perfect tips for being a more organised blogger - which I am trying to be :) I just need to get some good weather so I can take some photos!

    Paula at Beauty Lover


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