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*For those that missed this review the first time round, I thought that I would repost this as it is one of, if not the most, my most popular blog posts however somehow my readers get directed to my old blog instead of this one so I thought that I would try to rectify that here!*

Although this product is primarily marketed as a Dark Spot Corrector,as I don’t suffer with dark spots, I wanted to try this product as it is also an Illuminating Moisturiser that fades the appearance of blemishes and leaves your skin more even-toned.

What Garnier says: “Dark spot innovation.Clinically tested efficacy Daily illuminating moisturiser Fades discolourations for even skintone: dark spots, age spots and blemish marks For all skin types & tones Brightening vitamin C

The first thing you’ll notice when using this is the fact it is in a metal tube instead of a tub or plastic container. This means you don’t waste any product and this way is much more hygienic.

The moisturiser is quite runny, much like a gel consistency that isn’t sticky  and spreads easily, a little going a long way, and sinks in quickly to your skin. It doesn’t feel greasy on my normal-combination skin however those with oily skin may feel differently. I also found, much to my delight, that this doesn’t irritate my very sensitive skin – it isn’t left sore nor is my face left more red than before I applied it.

After using this my skin feels soft and smooth and is left looking even and glowing, as it claims, and my skin is left hydrated all day.

I am unsure if this is just a coincidence but since using this my blemishes have been less red and I have had less than usual. I don’t think this product has broken me out.

Overall I feel that I would recommend this a great lightweight but effective moisturiser that leaves your skin looking radiant but I am unsure on how effective this is as a ‘Dark Spot Corrector’

Have you tried this?

You can buy this HERE

* I loved this moisturiser and highly recommend it for those that want a moisturiser that isn't too heavy but want moisture in your skin!*

Beth x

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  1. Sounds lovely, I may pick one up when my current moisturiser runs out!! xxx
    Maddy from UNSTITCHEDD 

  2. sounds lovely! however i find garnier skincare hit and miss! might have to try it though!
    Kamila xx


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