Top 5 Posts of April + Monthly Summary


Hello, Happy Monday! Today marks the last Monday of April so time for my Monday Monthly Summary but as there isn't much to summarise this month I thought that I would combine it with my Top 5 Blogposts of April.

The start of April was taken up by the Easter holidays where I stuffed my face full of chocolate after finishing lent and buying makeup for the first time in 90 days! Amongst this, I spent my time working for my dad and revising so nothing top exciting! Halfway through the month I started back at school and was happy to see my friends again but not happy with the workload! With four weeks now until stand down ( where year 11s finish school to revise) and two weeks until my first exam, school has been pretty hectic through April. The last thing that stands out in April was that I went to watch a local dance show where some of my best friends were performing so Molly and Imy if you are reading this, Well Done! You were fab!

As for blogposts this month, my top posts are as follows:

#1 17 On the Spot Foundation Review
#2 Face B4 Skincare Review
#3 My Skincare Product Collection
#4 Boots Haul
#5 March/April Empties

What post has been your favourite? Have you done much this month? Let me know if the comments below!

*As revision period is in full swing you may notice posts becoming more sparse up until the end of June however I will endeavour to post at least every Saturday and will be on Twitter at @CosmticLover*

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  1. l loved all of your posts again! Hope your exams go okay! xxx

    Maddy from


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