Skincare: FaceB4 2-3 Week Update + REVIEW


A couple of weeks ago I switched around my skincare routine to incorporate two new products that I had never heard of from FaceB4 - the daily cleansing foam and the after cleansing serum and I thought that I would share my 2-3 weeks progress with you!
This face wash is made from two substances that foams up, you massage onto your face then rinsed. The foam is very light when pumped from the nozzle and I actually find myself using less than one pump on my whole face.
I usually rinse this off with a muslin cloth to gently exfoliate my skin or you can simply splash your face clean but for me the muslin cloth ensures all traces of makeup are removed.
When I have patted my face dry with a towel after using this my skin is surprisingly soft and smooth and doesn’t feel tight. My skin also isn’t red or irritated which is also great and this doesn’t sting your skin. Be aware of the scent though, which is quite ‘medical’ and unpleasant if left on your hands.
Where I have noticed improvements to the feel of my skin, it is much softer and smoother and less red, I haven’t yet , after 2-3 weeks of consistent use, noticed a dramatic difference to the spots/scarring on my face. I think that they appear less red and have no heads to then, and  I haven't had any new breakouts since using this however the existing spots are still there and are noticeable on my face.  That being said, this product is supposed to fight the bacteria that causes spots and I shall keep using this to notice a difference in my skin.
So far with this I have noticed my skin is softer and less irritated however I haven't seen a difference to my spots this far.
As advised, I have been using this after using the faceB4 cleansing foam and love it. You only need one pump of this to cover your whole face and with upward strokes on your face this spreads easily and sinks in really quickly. This is supposed to soothe and rejuvenate and I think it does. You skin isn’t irritated with this, so doesn’t go red, and your skin is left very soft and not oily or greasy looking. Where this doesn’t seem to clear existing blemishes, I do think that this prevents then and creates a smooth base for moisturiser or for your makeup.
Overall I love this as a blemish preventing and skin smoothing serum for post-cleansing and pre-makeup however , again, I haven't seen any major transformation with my skin this far.
I hope you found my 2 week review helpful and I may update with further progress in a couple of weeks if I see any improvements!
Have you tried FaceB4 before?

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  1. These seem really nice! I will definitely look into them when I need some more skin care items! xxx

  2. Looks like an interesting product. Unfortunately, it seems to be for younger skin. Right now, I'm not so concerned with blemishes but more with age spots.

  3. I heard about this product by my friend. But need more information so thank you. It looks very useful . I want to fallow this.

    Alison Clarke
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  5. Great Blog!! That was amazing. Your thought processing is wonderful. The way you tell the thing is awesome.



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