March/April Empties


 Hello everybody! Today I bring to you a well overdue empties post as since being on/completing my beauty buying ban I seem to have finished up a whole bunch of products! For those that haven't heard of Empties posts, basically I show you photographs of empty containers and give you my thoughts on the products now I have finished them.

Onto the empties...

Boots Sensitive Expert Shampoo

Although the is supposed to be good for sensitive scalps I still found that my scalp was irritated with this and I found my hair was tangled when using this. I won't be buying this again

Head and Shoulders Sensitive Scalp Care - REVIEW HERE

I dedicated a whole post (Not a Rave Review) to this. Basically it says its for sensitive scalps but this makes your scalp worse and I would not recommend it even for 'normal' scalps.

Boots Essentials Cucumber Eye Makeup Remover Gel - REVIEW HERE

I used to love this as it seemed to remove everything without irritating my eyes but I found that I woke up the next day when using this with panda eyes which defeats the purpose of this. I much prefer my Amie Extra Gentle Eye Make Up Remover.

Pure Revitalising Cleanser - REVIEW HERE

This worked, to an extent, to remove my makeup however I found that my skin soon started to dislike this and it would sting and get irritated everytime I used it and for that reason I will not be repurchasing

Clarins Multi Active Night

I actually really liked this. Although I don't need an anti-ageing cream at 16 I found this really moisturising and soothing on my skin and definitely helped my dry skin.

Garnier Dark Spot Corrector - REVIEW HERE

I really liked this moisturiser. It was lightweight but still provided enough moisture for my skin so I didn't have dry patches. It also lasted for ages.

Skinetica - REVIEW HERE

I really enjoyed using this so was glad when I found out that I had won Shonas (@FreshBeautyxox) blog giveaway. This is really effective at removing makeup without leaving your skin irritated and red. I highly recommend this.

Soap and Glory Girligo Body Moisturising Mist

I loved this; it made moisturising much more convenient and this smells lush too! I highly recommend it.

Tesco Vitamin E Hand and Nail Cream

This has a nice natural scent and does provide moisture without being overly greasy however I have found other hand creams that are much more moisturising so I probably won't be buying this again.

Vaseline Active Fresh

This lasted for ages and worked quite well but I still prefer my Garnier deodorants

Bath and Body Works Hand Gel - REVIEW HERE

I love BABW Hand Gels however I did find this scent very overpowering. Although I would buy the hand gels again I wouldn't buy this scent.

BENEFIT Bad Gal Lash

Despite the numerous raves from bloggers, I could not get along with this. It didn't seem to do much to my lashes, was clumpy and transferred to under my eyes, it was also a pain to remove. I shall not be wasting my money on this again.

EOS Lemon Sorbet Lip Balm - REVIEW HERE -

I loved this lip balm. It was creamy, smelt/tasted great, lasted for ages on the lips and the packaging makes for easy application.


This is another lipbalm that I love. These are very creamy, creamier than the EOS, smell great and, again, last on the lips.

NATURAL Collection Eyeshadow Duo (Mink/Sable) -REVIEW HERE

Although this is/was an eyeshadow duo I loved using this on my cheeks. I loved using this as it added a very natural flush/contour to my cheeks and it is dirt cheap too!

RIMMEL Blusher

This was a blusher that I have depotted from a christmas set. The colour is very pigmented so you only need a light hand. I don't think the colour is available anymore though so I shan't be repurchasing.

Woah that was a long post! I hope you enjoyed reading it and I hope you check out some of the reviews as there are some gems here!

Totals: (March/April)
Make-up -5
Body Care - 1
Skincare -4
Haircare -2
Other - 3
Samples -1


Make-up -8
Body Care - 2
Skincare -5
Haircare -3
Other - 5
Samples -3

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  1. I absolutely love Balmi's! I have the one is Raspberry and I think it's amazing :) xo

  2. I love Soap and Glory Girligo I have to avoid going past it in Boots because I can't resist a spritz and then I have to buy a new one! OOPS! Have you tried Mist You Madly?


  3. I don't think I've ever hit pan on a lip balm! x


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