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Hello everybody! I hope you are all well and for those who live where the snow has hit - I hope it isn't causing too much grief!As I haven't done a favourites post for a while, I thought that today I would share four of my current favourite body and skincare products.

Nip and Fab Body Wash (Available in N&F sets)

I was very fortunate to win this in a twitter giveaway and I am so glad that I did because I have discovered a new favourite scent, Pistachio! This smells of almond and pistachio and lathers up really easily, whether you want it as a bubble bath or a body wash. I love this even more as it isn't irritating on my skin nor does it leave it dry.

Soap and Glory Sugar Crush Scrub - £8

I, like many many more, am a huge fan of Soap and Glory products and this has been one of my most reached for S&G product lately. The scent is lovely and refreshing, think citrus and lime, but what I love even more is how moisturising it is on the skin whilst also being great at removing dead skin. I definitely notice visibly ( and feelably if that is a word) a difference in the skin on my arms when using this.

Skinetica -£9.99

Skinetica recently sent me this to review and I think its great! Although I don't see this as a miracle spot treatment product I see it as a miracle makeup remover (much like the cleansing waters you can buy) as I use this following my cleanser and this will pick up all the traces of dirt and makeup that you think have gone whilst feeling just like water on the skin.

No7 Radiance Revealed Exfoliator - £8

I have been exfoliating much more frequently lately since I have found myself with those pesky hormonal breakouts and dry winter skin ( its spring for goodness sake!). This has been working great as it is a cream exfoliator. Although I can't say it has got rid of my spots this has been great at making my skin appear healthier and feel much softer. Definitely a must for those with dry skin.

*I believe that this may now be the No7 Beautiful Skin Radiance Exfoliator since the No7 rebrand however as I have not taken a look instore I am not completely sure how they compare. That being said, if you happen to come across this cleanser in the clearance section I urge you to try it!*

Those were my current favourite skincare and body care products, What are yours?

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