Pamper Me Review #3: Ojon Damage Reverse Hair Mask


Today I thought that I would share a product that I have been reaching for when my split ends become more evident.

This hair mask is not your usual ( or at least usual to me) apply in the shower rinse after 5 minutes mask, instead you apply this 20 minutes in advance to showering in order to let this sink in to your hair. When using this I use 1 teaspoon amount of the mask  onto the mid to ends of my hair and left it to sink into my hair.

After the wait, I get into the bath/shower, shampoo my scalp then rinse the mask away. I notice after doing this, my hair is significantly de-tangled.

After blow drying my hair it is left soft, silky and more manageable. What’s more, my split ends seem to be smoothed and 'sealed' a significant amount – dramatically improving the dry state my ends can get.
Overall I am extremely impressed with this hair mask and although this is pricey I feel that this is definitely worth it and something that you should definitely try the miniature of as you only need a small amount to notice the difference! 

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  1. This looks lovely, I think I am going to pick it up! xxx

  2. I am reviewing this myself tomorrow! Literally just taken pics lol! I adore this product and have 2 pots!



    Em’s Mixed Bag

  3. I keep hearing so much about the ojon hair masks, really need to try this when my macadamia natural deep repair mask runs out :)

  4. I really want to try ojon, this sounds fab, my hair is always in need of help x

  5. Thanks for sending me your link on Twitter! I have the Ojon Damage Reverse shampoo & conditioner, which I really like, but I haven't tried the mask. I'd like to though!

  6. This sounds really good and I like the look of it, been on the look out for a hair mask so this post was really helpful x x


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