My No7 Recomendations: Favourite No7 Makeup and Skincare Products


Its that time again when Boots tempt you to buy lots of goodies from them in return for a £5 off skincare and £3 off makeup voucher and it is how you can use these that I am going to talk about today!I understand that the most recent vouchers have now expired however I'm more than certain that they will be out again soon.For regular readers of my blog you may have read numerous mentions of my favourite No7 make up products and for those new to my blog I am going to share those with you.

No7 Eyeshadows


I love these eyeshadows above all others in my collection. A long time ago I recieved a black traincase with No7 products which consisted of many No7 Eyeshadows that I depotted into a metal tin. The great thing about these eyeshadows is that they are pigmented but blend easily, they don't smudge or crease ( even without a primer) and are very long lasting. I also think that they offer a great shade range. If I didn't still own the number of No7 eyeshadows that I do, I would be going out and buying more of these.

No7 Blusher

I have a naturally pink complexion so don't tend to go for in your face shades but instead a natural glow, usually going for browner blushes. My favourite from No7 are the soft damson and honey shades. They are very soft and blend easily into your skin but can also be built up to something more intense. They also last well on the skin and don't fade patchily ( if thats a word).

No7 Melting Gel Cleanser

I haven't mentioned this before on my blog but this is something that I have been reaching for this when taking a bath. This changes from a gel to a cream and very gently but effectively removes you face and eye makeup. Be cautious of the packaging though - the top of mine oozes out product when it is meant to come out of the bottom

Thats all folks! What do you love from No7? Please let me know


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  1. I love their blushers too but I have an extra special place for the cream ones, they're amazing! x

  2. The melting gel cleanser sounds lovely! xxx

  3. I might check out their blushers :)
    Abby xx

  4. I've used their eyeshadow in mink for a couple of years and I'm currently loving their hot cloth cleanser too. It's great that these vouchers come around so often! x


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