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Hello all, its Beth! Today I bring you something different - a guest post. This guest posting is alien to me however I thought I would bite the bullet and give it a try and who better than Shona! Shona has a lovely blog over at that is definitely worth checking out as she writes great reviews - I especially love her favourites posts. Enough rambling from me and over to Shona...

Hi! My name is Shona and I blog here usually | . However, today I'm guest blogging for Beth, I hope you enjoy my review!
I've never had a strong desire to try plumping lip glosses. However, when I found out I'd won these from Katie's giveaway (read her blog here) I was really excited to try them! I'm fond of MUA glosses so I'm surprised I haven't tried these before.
This shade is a pinkish nude colour and usually I don't go for nudes due to my pale complexion but the pink tones in this warm it up. I really like this colour and can see myself wearing it often. 
Peach Shimmer
This is not peach at all. Its a pink shade, somewhere inbetween your basic pink and fuchsia pink. Its a warm shade and will brighten up anyone's face, I like the way it stands out from my pale skin.
As you can see, more from the picture of Nude, this is plumping. I found my lips were definitely plumped after this. My top lip is quite small and thin compared to my bottom lip so it evened it out a little. I think I applied a bit too much so it plumped my lips a bit too much than I would have liked but I know now how much to apply.
I find these last around 2 hours but as I always say I don't mind re-applying lip products. You can never expect a gloss to stay on for too long so I think this is a average lasting time. 
These glosses feel light on my lips but take some time to apply evenly. I found it took a little longer than usual to make sure there were no gaps or lighter parts. However, the end result was worth it, I love the shades. I can't even pick a favourite out of the two!
Do you like plumping lip glosses? 
Thanks for reading, Shona x

Thanks Shona for a great review! I shall definitely have to have a look at these glosses when I'm next in Superdrug!

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  1. Thanks for giving me the opportunity to guest blog lovely :) Hope everyone enjoys the post! | Shona x

  2. I love the peach colour, these look really good! xxx


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