Are you a No-Reply Blogger?


Recently I came across a post on Nykkis blog who spoke about No-reply bloggers where I discovered that I was a No-Reply blogger!

As you may know, when you post a comment on somebodies blog and the blogger replies, unless you return to that specific blogpost ( which I am sure is very unlikely) or subscribe to everybodies reply there is no way of getting a notification if they have and what the blogger has replied - queue the solution! Nykki, on her blogpost, explained that there was an easy way for bloggers to receive a notification, hurrah!! If the blogger has their settings set so that when somebody posts a comment they receive an email with the comment they could simply press reply (in their inbox) and the blogger could receive a response in their inbox IF they are NOT a No-Reply blogger (they have their settings set to show their email so that it automatically links when you go to reply). If they are a No-reply blogger this will be impossible!

Cutting this long paragraph short, if you go and take a look at Nykkis post HERE you can find out how to change your settings so that replying is simple!After you have done it, return here and give it a go and I will send you a reply! If you already are then you are a genius!

Thank You Nykki for sharing such a simple solution!

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  1. This is such a good idea! Going to have to do this :)
    Abby xx

  2. Such a great idea, thanks! xx


  3. Just read this, went to follow the steps and found out I'm already all set up for it and my email address is in place :) x


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