Haircare Review: Charles Worthington Salon at Home Hair Healer*


Hello! Today I am going to share with you my new favourite product for silky smooth hair! This cream claims to double hair strength overnight and leave hair healthier and silkier and condition dry ends. I agree! I tend to apply this after my shower as a detangler for when I dry my hair but also when its dry if its feeling the need for some added moisturiser to make it soft and smooth. It can also be, as intended, applied from roots to ends, left overnight then rinsed out in the morning. I do find that  I only need a 5p sized amount each time I used this,so a bottle this size should last me ages. It also doesn't weigh my fine hair down nor make it look greasy. Overall I recommend this product as it is effective for smoothing and moisturising your ends and makes your hair much easier to brush through. I would definitely check this out, especially if it is on offer (as it is now!), if you struggle with dry hair.

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  1. Looks really good, after ombreing my hair, it has never really gone back to the strength that it had, I think that something like this could really help xxx

  2. Iove silky smooth hair!

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  3. I've not heard about this product but I am always looking out for new hair products, my hair has been ever so dry recently so might have to try this one x


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