Review: Bath and Body Works Hand Gel


Hello! Back in September my lovely friend gave me two minis of the Bath and Body Works Hand Gels in the Picked Apple and Blackberry scent and I instantly fell in love. I believe they are 2 for $1.50 over in the states but will set you back around £2.10 over here. The main thing you notice with these is the scent, they are very strong yet pleasant scents that will mask any unpleasant odours on your hands. They are so strong that I can walk to my next class and someone will wonder who has sprayed perfume when in fact it is these hand gels. Last month I was lucky enough to win the Caramel apple scent which I can only sum up as christmas, that too has become popular with myself and friends. As you can tell from the photograph these have been lovingly used and will definitely be a product that I will continue to buy ( or ask friends to bring back from America again!)

Have you tried these?

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  1. Of course! I have two kids and need sanitizers all the time. These are wonderful, and really popular in our family. Great, aren't they? Very affordable and smells great.
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  2. I love these things! I am going to have to order some more. I got them as a gift and am now obsessed.

    x EVE

  3. I did a review on these literally just the other day! Love them!



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