Better than GHDs: Babyliss Boutique Salon Control 235 Straightener* Review


I recently switched up my straighteners from using my beloved GHD's to the Babyliss Boutique Straighteners* and I love them!  These straighteners have a top temperature of 235°C but, unlike my faithful GHDs, this can be adjusted as it has multiple digital heat settings so the damage is less on your hair. These straighteners heat up, as claimed, super fast which is great if you’re in a rush.

The straighteners smooth through your hair without tugging and equally curls easily, if not easier than other brands I have tried. What is also great about these straighteners is that my hair stays straighter than my hair did with my GHD's , although curl drops quicker with these.

These straighteners has a memory function which is a new concept to me but one that I like. The memory function simply means that each time you switch the straighteners on the heat is your preferred temperature. The straighteners also have an 
auto shut off which is handy if you have a tendency to leave your straighteners on.

Overall I am very satisfied with these and would say I love them equally, possibly more for straightening, than my GHD's that I used previously. These seem steep priced at first but with the five year guarantee they are an investment that should last.

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  1. I haven't tired Babyliss straighteners. I do own a GHD and I love how fast it heats up. This looks like a great straightener.

  2. i love babyliss curling irons, so i gotta try these out!! following you.

  3. Hello , i brought these straighteners today from Argos but they have no signs on saying babyliss boutique, would you have any idea of why this could be? :/ i didnt know if i should take them back or no. Hope to hear from you soon

    1. I dont know without looking, do u mind me asking how much they were as to what model they are? Also, do u have twitter? X


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