My Essentials for a Cold


As we all know , autumn is swiftly creeping closer and with the colder weather and change of season we find that our ‘common’ cold starts to reappear. Unfortunately for me I’ve caught mine just in time for the school and have myself sniffing and coughing far too much for my sanity. During my ‘ill’ period I have found myself reaching for certain products which have now become my cold ‘essentials’ and I thought that some of you may find this useful so that you can stock up in readiness.

Cocoa Skin Therapy Oil - Now I will say that this is less of an essential but this did wonders when I was blowing my nose every two seconds and my nose was sore. This was 99p from HomeBargains.

Olbas Oil - This was my saviour when my nose was blocked. As a decongestant it cleared my nose so I could breath again ( well better anyway).

Vaseline - When I have a cold my lips get so dry so this worked great for moisturising my lips but also for my sore nose.

Tissues - Self explanatory, I needed numerous packets of these when my nose was running and these did a great job.

What are your essentials for a cold? 

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  1. I had a really bad cold the other week and sudocrem was a savour after I had spent a whole week blowing my nose. Vaseline is also really good
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  2. Ooooh totally agree with your choices there! I love vapour rub, put that under my nose too, and I love hot ribeana to drink! Lots of good vitamins xxx


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