Back to School Series: Whats in my bag & Back to School Organisation Tips


Unfortunately I was unable to post my 2 days to high school post so I thought that I would merge the last two posts into one today and show you what I am carrying for my first day back (tomorrow) and some little tips.

What I am carrying:
Bag (from Peacocks)
My Pencil Case (from Tesco)
My 'Emergency Bag ' (from France) - See post here
Two paper document wallets (from HomeBargains) - One with lined paper and a space for any loose paper handouts and the other to put any homework in and things to hand back.

*I will only be carrying this bag until my 'proper' school bag is delivered in the post. *

As for Tips, I have compiled a small list of things I can remember doing from last year, if I can remember any more I shall update if you're interested.

>Don't Procrasinate ( i.e Do it now and don't put it off) - I try to do my homework as soon as I can and this way it is done and I can do other things that I want to do, for example blogging, without having to think of the homework. I tend to do the homework that is due the soonest first and if I have multiple pieces due on the same day I do the larger tasks first.

>Do your homework - It can be tempting just not to bother with homework, do it badly or leave it to do on the bus but I find that some, not all, homework can be helpful as revision for topics and can also be good exam practise.

>Write everything down -Nobody is invincible - we can't remember everything. I try to write every little thing down in my planner otherwise I have a large tendency to forget and you don't want to forget to do your coursework.

>Keep all loose papers in one place -I know that if I put a loose paper into my  bag on its own that it will not come out alive or I won't be able to find it when I need it. To avoid this I like to keep loose sheets either in a plastic wallet or in a folder.

>Get Involved - This is a tip I would like to act on more this year. Don't just sit there in lessons and take a risk. Try to answer questions, ask questions, contribute. By getting involved you should hopefully learn more and get more from your education.

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  1. Nice post and good tips !! im going to have to pack my school bag later :(

    Beautiful Dreams

  2. Awesome post! I love this post, really helped me!

  3. I nominated you for the Sunshine Award on my blog, check it out here! :) xoxo

  4. Nice tips! Kind of sad I'm not going back to school!

  5. I love that bag!! so roomy. Great tips. Im long out of school and I was never this organized. I would dig into the bottom of my bookbag to find a pen. SMH.

  6. Ooh I love that bag! Great versatile color :-)

  7. the bags cute :)


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