Haul: School Supplies and Stationary Essentials for Back to School


I don't know about you but I find the best part (only good part) of returning back to school after your 6 week break is the stationary/supply shopping and last weekend I did just that. I took a trip to my local Tesco Extra store in readiness for the new term.

As I have many items of stationary left from last year I didn't have to repurchase everything but there were ' a few' items I just had to buy.

Folders: Before I started my GCSE's last year I had no idea that we were now to be using folders instead of books for many of our subjects. This year I feel much more prepared and have purchased some folders to replace the ones which had gone tatty from last year.

Lined Paper: I also was unaware that I now had to purchase lined paper so for this this year I have stocked up in readiness - Oxford being my favourite brand.
Ink Erasers: Like standard rubbers, these erase any errors I make with my fountain pen and are essential for me.

Zebra Z Grip Biros: This pack is perfect as it includes the standard blue and black biro colours but also red,green, pink and purple which I use for underlining or note cards.

WhiteBoard Pens: I use these on the back of my planner at the start of the year if teachers don't know our names.

Pritt Stick: To glue in sheets

Ink Cartridges: Both sizes for both types of fountain pen

Post it Notes: I use this as reminders, to mark off pages, to write down my homework - the list is endless

Record Cards: These are my saviour when it comes to revision, I love them
Pencil Case

Unfortunately I cannot remember the exact prices of these but I will happily guess if you wish to know.

I hope you enjoyed reading this post, please let me know if you would like to see more of a Back to School Series as I would love to make one.

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  1. I love your pencil case :) x

  2. the one thing i miss about school is back to school stationary, cant beat agood folder! x

  3. I go mad in tesco every year for stationery! Always buy that zebra collection and the oxford notepads you cant get any better:) x

  4. Aww i always used to love going on the hunt for stationery, just sucks that I don't really bother now going into my third year at uni just take my mac in instead lol. Do love your pencil case however :)


  5. Definitely agree with this, stationary shopping is the best. It makes going back to school more exciting (dare I say it!). Love feeling organised. I need to hit the shops this Saturday to pick up the remaining bits and bobs. Also, quick question about the Oxford Refill pad. I have two classes which I need a refill pad for but I don't think I will need two separate pad for each so was thinking about separating the one pad in half and using each half for each class. Is the side stuck with glue? Do you reckon it could be easily ripped in half? Hope this makes sense! haha
    Ellie X

  6. Ahh I adore stationary shopping aha :P I seem to have endless pens and bits that I still haven't used up yet though! xxx

  7. I love back to school shopping! I also think it's so clever that you put all of your skincare in a tin--great way of keeping everything in one place! Found your blog though #bbloggers chat today! You have a great blog!

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  10. I love getting back to school stationery! This time for me, hopefully it'll be stationery shopping for uni!

    Love this post.

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