Review: Real Techniques Stippling Brush and ELF Powder Brush Comparison


This review is a little late however I wanted to get a few months worth to test the shedding etc. to give my overall opinion.

This brush retails for £11.99 in Boots stores and various websites online. Personally I think this is very affordable compared to MAC brushes and the like and for the excellent quality that it is.The bristles of this brush are quite short and dense , however I do find that the ELF powder brush, although the hairs are longer, is more dense.
The brush is very soft and stays soft even after multiple washes. It isn’t scratchy on the skin nor does it shed, unlike my ELF powder brush which has recently left stray hairs on my face.

The densely packed bristles allow you to easily blend in foundation into the skin or concealer under the eyes. It is also convenient to blend cream blush and highlight or apply powder products lightly then build up the colour, which is harder to do with the powder brush shown. Compared to ELF's brush, it will take longer to apply foundation however the overall result I prefer. 

I do believe that this product achieves its claims and does blend products much to give an overall flawless finish.
I have no faults with this brush and feel that it is definitely worth the money for its versatility and high quality finish that can be achieved.

The stippling brush or the ELF Powder brush?
I can't really decide. For now i'd say you need both!

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  1. I really want to try both these brushes! Thanks for the review :)

  2. really want to try that brush sounds and looks great :)


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