Boots Baby Extra Large Cotton Wool Pads - Review


I first saw these on Zoe's (Zoella) channel and as soon as I did I rushed out to Boots. Cotton Wool pads are something that most beauty lovers will own and probably take for granted. I know in my own experience I used to buy cheapy £1 for a zillion small round pads however you could hardly remove an eyes worth of makeup before the pad broke up or got a scummy. These are great because they are thick enough that they doesn't break and are big enough to remove all of your face makeup with one pad. They are slightly pricier than standard cotton wool pads ( around £2.80 for 60) However these will last you for 2 months as you only need one per use. I definitely recommend that you pop these in your basket next time you're purchasing cotton wool.

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  1. Oooh, these look pretty awesome :D Might have to have a try! xo

  2. Oooh i never thought of buying these!xx

  3. I also saw Zoe talk about these! I will definitely pick some up next time I'm in Boots they look fantastic. I hate having to use so many small ones x

    Simple Beauty Bag

  4. Ahh these look like a great size! Thanks for the heads-up! Following you through the blog hop! x


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