Best Websites and Tips for Saving Money on Clothes and Fashion


I was recently contacted by and invited to enter their competition. The idea being to share your favourite sites/ ways to save money when buying clothes online and why you love them.

Lets start with FashionVouchers

I'll be honest with you. Before they contacted me I had never come across this website  before but its definitely something I will be using in the future.  This saves you money by providing you with discount codes for your favourite retails store websites, for example Debenhams, Ted Baker, Rare, Dorothy Perkins etc. I love this website as you don't have to sign up to anything ( where you'd usually get spam) to get the offer, at the touch of a button you will be redirected to the appropriate site and the offer will be applied - saving you money

Boots Treat Street works when you shop online. The website tracks your purchase and will give you at least 1 Boots point per £1 spent through treat street. You can then spend these points at Boots.Although this does not technically help you save money on fashion and clothing ( it may if you're buying baby clothing or bikinis from Boots!) this does help you save money on other 'essentials' that you buy meaning you have spare cash to spend on clothing.

I love this website not only because it allows you to collect boots points but because the site also shares offers than its 'shops' are hosting and may be exclusive to treat street.

Ebay is an online auction site where you bid on items from individual sellers, buy from larger companies or buy from the ebay outlet. Last I posted about my tips on how to get the best out of ebay auctions and I still stick by those. This can save you money as often you can end up buying both new and used items for a small fraction of it's rrp or by purchasing for the outlet you are getting brand new branded goods at often 50% off. I love ebay because it is very convenient and cheap - after all pay pal money just isn't like real money is it Louise

This website, although it is something I do not have an account for myself, it is a website that my Mum has an account for and often has me helping her with ( answering surveys aimed at those under 18). Basically for every survey you do ( ranging from 5 to 30 + minutes) you get credit ( of 50p to £4 ). Once you have over £10 credit you are able to 'cash it in' for a voucher. Although they do not offer vouchers for every site they do offer Topshop, Miss Selfridge and Outfit vouchers, which may be of interest to you reading , to spend in store. My mum has recieved many of these in the post and are great for saving money when buying clothes as they can be used to pay full value or as part payment. I love this website because it is such an easy way for you to earn vouchers to spend out shopping and for helping my mum out with the surveys I get to keep our vouchers.

Twitter can save you money on clothes if you look in the right place. I have noticed recently that when I have followed certain fashion retailers I frequently have exclusive offers appearing on my feed. This saves me money because you simply place the discount code provided on twitter into the relevant box when at the checkout and voila - your final cost has been discounted. I love twitter as you not only get to see offers directly from retailers but also many people often share their own codes if you inquire about them.

Extra Tips
-Visit Charity shops, often they are reselling new items but at a lower cost
-Go and browse the sale rails in stores ( and online) to get a great detail
- Take a visit to a car boot sale

I hope this blogpost was helpful and you have found some new ways to save money on clothes. If you enjoyed this post please share and retweet this post on twitter ( my username is @CosmticLover). If you have written a similar post please leave your link below.

Beth xxx

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  1. Hi, fab blog, I found you through the BBU Blog Hop and am now following you

  2. Great tips for websites to look for - got to love a good deal!

  3. i think ebay is always a winner for everyone! and you can find so much on there.. personally, i don't have the patience for it! but i should spend more time on it :)


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