May Beauty Empties


L-R Garnier Deodorant, L'oreal Elnett Satin Hairspray, Neutrogena T/Gel, Champneys Watermint Body Scrub, Body Shop Watermelon and Eucalyptus Shower Gel, Batiste Diva Dry Shampoo, Hollister Laguna Beach Body Spray, Primark Ooh Spa Body Butter, Derma V10 Cranberry Body Butter, Amie Spring Clean Clay Mask

Now that May is now over and June is here - it's time for my beauty empties!Slightly later than usual but better late than never? Hopefully more regular posts will resume later on this month once my exams are over!

Primark Ooh La SPA Body Butter

This body butter worked well to moisturise my body. Soaked in relatively quickly and scent was pleasant. Worked well but as my body lotion stash seems to never decrease in size -  probably won't feel the need to repurchase.


Derma V10

I loved this body butter, as I do with the rest of the Derma V10 Minis that I received for my birthday. As far as I am aware these are very budget friendly, I suspect £1 ish for 50ml tub, and these work great. The lotion applies and sinks in easily and the gorgeous scent lingers for hours.


Amie Spring Clean Clay Mask - Review here

This mask works great to refresh and cool your skin and makes for a perfect pampering treat.

Repurchase? Yes

Garnier Deodorant 

As deodorants go this isn't bad. It worked to an extent, its good but I am still not completely sold. Repurchase? Maybe

Hollister Body Spray

For a body mist that fades within 10 minutes, this is very overpriced. I was glad to finish this up as I had gone off the scent. Repurchase? No

Neutrogena TGel

If you have any problem with a sore red scalp or dandruff you seriously need to try this. Yes this stinks of tar ( fades rather quickly) but this does not irritate your scalp and gets rid of dandruff. Worth a try!

Elnett Extra Stength

The hairspray that is raved about. Does the job, can't really comment about how long it holds hair for but I do know that this is a great hairspray to control flyaways and keep hair in place.


I seem to have one of these in every other empties post. I have just repurchased this  as I do every so often. Love it

Champneys Watermint Body Scrub

This smelt great and was very refreshing on the skin however was very harsh and as I prefer something less harsh. I will not be repurchasing. However this worked great as a deep cleansing less frequent exfoliater.

Earth Lovers Shower Gel

This smelt amazing and lathered up well. However you can probably get something just as good. Repurchase? Maybe
Thats all, sorry again that its late! x

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